Paragraph : Indiscriminate use of Loud-Speaker

Indiscriminate use of Loud-Speaker

Indiscriminate use of loud-speakers is one of the main reasons for sound pollution. Like many other pollutions, sound pollution is also very dangerous for human beings. Quietness is natural. It is essential for a peaceful life. At present, it is lost due to sound pollutions. Loud-speakers are used in shops, hotels, cinema-halls and various ceremonies. The roar of loud-speakers disturbs not only normal work but also creates a noisy atmosphere. The students are the main victims of it. Students cannot concentrate their attention on studies. The conditions of patients in hospitals sometimes deteriorate for this. Besides this, many young people listen to music by using loud-speaker. Missing news, news of the political meeting, advertisement of film and many other products are also circulated by using loud-speaker. It causes disturbance to the mass people. So it should be stopped at once. Govt. should be strict in applying the law against this problem. Each and every citizen has to be conscious of indiscriminate use of loudspeakers.
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