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Satellite Television

↬ Impact of Dish-Antenna

↬ Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels

↬ Satellite Channels

Dish-antenna is one of the latest wonders of modern science. We now get opportunity to see the programmes of almost every channel in the world. Dish-antenna creates both good and bad in our culture. Dish-antenna is very expensive and it becomes a symbol of fashion. But nowadays the connection of Dish-antenna has been given commercially. With the help of Dish-antenna, we can watch Zee TV, EL TV, ZEE Cinema, Star Plus, Star Movies, Star Sports, PTV, DD, Sony Entertainment etc. The uses of Dish-antenna are increasing day by day. Dish-antenna introduces us to the whole world. We can gather knowledge of every corner of the world- knowledge of culture and history, of education, of language. This distinction is the consequence of the distinction between nature. From evil things, many may gather good things and many may gather evil things. Whatever they will gather depends on themselves. Many think that Dish-antenna makes bad effect on our young generation. They are now trying to follow other culture forgetting our own national culture. And if this is continued, our own culture and tradition will be abolished. The consciousness of our national tradition and culture will be extinct with the influence of foreign culture. But we have to try to give up the bad influence of foreign culture. Dish-antenna is a part and parcel of modern science. With the help of it, we can bring the consciousness of the world in our home. We know, everything in the world has both good and bad effects. We have to keep the good and give up the bad. There are both good and bad effects of Dish-antenna. We have to find out how to derive the best benefit from Dish-antenna keeping its evil up to the minimum limit.

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Satellite TV or Dish TV is one of the most well-known means of entertainment at present. Millions of TV viewers throughout the world watch satellite television. The viewers of satellite TV ranges from kids to old people. In fact, people of all ages and all classes can enjoy their favourite programs from numerous channels. It has become a great source of recreation. Satellite channels broadcast some useful programmes. They include BBC, CNN and Aljazeera. news, National Geographic and Discovery. programmes etc. The programmes of these channels help us in various ways. Through these channels. people can know the news of the whole world as well as learn many things. Satellite channels telecast not only educative but also entertaining programmes. Besides cultural programmes, we recreational can enjoy various types of programs like cinemas, telefilms, movies, plays through them. With the help of satellites, we can watch many international summits. conferences, events and sports. We get all these! facilities due to satellite channels. But most satellite channels telecast some programmes which are not suitable for us as well as our kids and teenagers. These programmes may have a long term negative effect on their tender minds. At present, it has become a matter of great concern to most of our guardians. Sometimes young boys learn how to commit crimes by watching violent programmes on satellite channels. Satellite Television has other effects too. It has now come as a cultural aggression for many: countries and societies. With the advent of satellite television in Bangladesh, it is threatening the age-old values, enriched culture and tradition of our country. Youths. particularly teenagers are exposed to various international satellite channels and it is a serious threat to our culture and tradition. government should permit only those channels which are no threat to our culture and moral values.
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