Paragraph : Gratitude


Gratitude is a noble quality. It means being grateful to someone for something. It is deeper than thanks. In our social life, we use ‘thanks’ and ‘thank you’ informal use as a form of politeness. Gratitude is found in expressions like looks, words, and deeds. The grateful man remains highly obliged for the benefit he has received and his benefactor gets pleasure when he finds that his help has been recognized. There are endless occasions for gratitude in our daily life. The students are indebted to their teachers for teaching. The child is indebted to its parents for shelter, food, clothes and caring. Friends and neighbours are indebted to one another. But in our society, there are few people who express their gratitude. It is a very bad sign. Expressing one’s gratitude costs nothing but reflects the goodness of heart. Gratitude should be cultivated from the very beginning of life.
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