Paragraph : Guest Birds

Guest Birds

↬ Migratory Birds

The birds that come to our country from the cold countries in winter are known as guest birds. The winter in the cold countries is quite terrible for the birds to survive there and that is why they fly to less cold countries like ours and stay there for the time being. The guest birds come to our countries in groups. They are often seen in the march of the national zoo and Jahangirnagar University. The gathering of the birds turns the places into the kingdom of birds. Many people visit the places at that time to enjoy this beautiful sight. But it is a matter of regret that we do not behave like hosts with these birds. We hunt these birds cruelly and mercilessly. In winter we find huntsmen selling these birds standing beside the roads of the city. It is a good sign that our government has taken some steps to stop the killing of these guest birds. Some rules have been made against the hurting of guest birds. In television, some advertisements and documentary films are shown to stop the hunting of these birds and to be kind to them. In fact, these birds play an important role to keep the ecological balance and they help our agriculture by eating those insects that are harmful to our crops. We should be kind towards the guest birds and behave hospitably with them.
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