Paragraph : Falsehood


Falsehood is the worst demerit of a man. Telling lie is a great sin. A person who tells lies or speaks falsely is called a liar. It is the worst part of the character of a human being. Only for this, other merits of a human being lose their values. It destroys a man wholly. It causes barriers in the way of one’s prosperity. Nobody believes a falsifier. Each and everyone avoids him. Falsehood is hated in all religions. All the great men of all eras of the world rejected falsehood. A man who prefers falsehood is hated not only by God but also by his companions around him. Falsehood brings only dishonour and failure for a man. Nobody seeks his advice in problem-solving. Finally, we can say, falsehood is a destroyer of humanity. We should hate and shun falsehood from the very early stage of our life.
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