Paragraph : Flattery


Flattery is a very well-known word in our society. Sometimes we are inclined to praise a man without reason which is called flattery. We understand what flattery means, but in our practical life, we fail to avoid it. Many times we persuade a man with a little flattery to do a job. At the same time, we think that we will not be influenced to do anything by any flattering remarks. But flattery has become a part of our nature. When w speaks with other flattery comes automatically. Flattery works like magic. It has a magical power to invite any men to do anything. The example of flattery may best be understood from the fable of “The crow and the fox”. The fox saw a piece of meat in the mouth of the crow. The fox used flattering words so as to make the crow sing. The result was that the piece of meat dropped down and the fox went away with the piece of meat. Though flattery comes from human nature, it is a very bad thing. But it is an art and it is mixed up with our life and living though we know that it is bad. Everyone will have to be free from flattery to become a complete man.
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