Paragraph : My Favourite Poem

My Favourite Poem

“The Solitary Reaper” by William Wordsworth is my favourite poem. In this poem, the poet speaks about a farmer girl who was reaping corn in a valley in Scotland and was simultaneously singing a melancholy song of overflowing sweetness. The song was so enchanting that he listened to it spell-bound, and when he went up the hill he carried it in his heart where it abided long after it was heard no more. Here the humble girl has been glorified in a manner that she has become an extraordinary source of beauty and music being merged with the sights and sounds of Nature under the poet’s uncommon fancy’s shine. The other characteristics of the poem are its pictorial beauty, dramatic presentation, dreamy suggestiveness, and romantic pathos, which have together made it into a lyric of unsurpassed excellence. When I read the poem I get mingled with this solitary child of Nature and with the delightful landscape in a world of imagination that ceaselessly resounds her mellifluous music forever and forever.
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