Paragraph : Diligence


↬ Industry is the Mother of Good Luck

Diligence means steady effort to perform work successfully. God has given us two hands to work. Since the beginning of the world, human beings have been struggling with nature to keep hold of their existence. If they did not struggle they might have perished long ago. Thus we see diligence is essential in personal life, social life and in national life. The student who is more diligent makes a better result than those who are not. The businessman who is more diligent is a more successful one than others who are less. In the same way, the nations which are more diligent are more improved and more prosperous. Many of us are unwilling to go under hard labour by thinking that Allah has given us the mouth, so He will provide us. Again there are people who only believe in fate and ignore their duties. But it is not a good sign. They should remember that a man is the maker of his own fate. The most successful men in the world did not get the high position in a single day. They had to work very hard, they had to face many difficulties and then they reached their goal. Thus everybody should be diligent for his sake as well as for his country’s sake.
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