Paragraph : Common Leisure Pursuits in Bangladesh

Common Leisure Pursuits in Bangladesh

People of both villages and cities in Bangladesh have their own pastimes. Usually, village people love to play Ha-du-du, cards, football, and many other country games. They also go on hunting, fishing, boating, and picnic. The city-dwellers usually stick to play football, cricket, cards. The latest addition to the youngsters is browsing at home or in the Cyber Cafes. Some sports and pastimes are common, e.g. reading newspapers, watching TV or listening to the radio. Games like cards, football and cricket are common to all. At the end of the winter, people go on long-distance picnic in large groups. This type of picnic has become a trend now. Travelling is a very good pastime. It is not only leisure rather it helps people to add to their knowledge. In fact, despite much poverty and problems and people of Bangladesh march forward with their energetic sportive spirit.
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