Paragraph : Examination Centres

Examination Centres

An examination centre is a place where a public examination is held. Generally, schools, colleges, and madrasas are chosen as examination centres. Examination centres are fearful places for the nervous student. In the examination centres, only the examinees, the invigilators, and the examination related authorities have free access during the examination period. An examination centre is a place of great anxiety. The students are in great anxiety whether the questions will be easy or hard, common or uncommon. The parents of the examinees are also found in great anxiety whether their son or daughter can do well in the examination. Polices are appointed in the examination centres to control the law and order situation during the examination. The police are also given the power to prevent outsiders to cross the restricted areas. The environment of an examination centre is calm and quiet. Sometimes some unexpected incidents occur in the examination centres. The examination centres in the villages often have not the proper environment for taking the examination properly. If the rules and regulations in the examination centre are loose, various malpractices are adopted by the examinees and the examinees are not judged properly. On the whole, examination centres are sacred places and everybody should try to maintain their sanctity.
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