Paragraph : Band Music in Bangladesh

Band Music in Bangladesh

Band music has recently found a place in the music world of Bangladesh. Actually, Bangladesh is a country of music. Music resides in the heart of the people of this country. Folk songs, modern songs, classical music, and semi-classical music are the expression of the great tradition that our forefathers have left us with. Now band music has permeated into this great tradition. In fact, band music is an imitation of western pop-culture. A great part of our young generation is devoted to this type of music. The band music practitioners are also young in age and are mainly descendants of rich families. They compose music with different orchestration instrument that is not used in the traditional sphere. Though it is borrowed from the west, the experiment in this field has improved our modern music. Yet sometimes the effect of band music can be harmful to the upcoming generation. So it should be carefully noticed that young men do not forget their own culture, rather try to improve it by means of band music taking ideas from the western pop-culture.


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