Paragraph : Amusement


The term amusement means something organized or built to make time pass pleasantly. It is something done for the pleasure of mind. In our practical life, we have sorrow, failure, and frustration. Amusement can make us forget them. There are different kinds of amusement. We can read the book of our favourite authors to amuse ourselves. Some people like to hear songs. To sit with friends and pass time in gossiping is a kind of amusement. Many people play various kinds of games or witness games like football, cricket, hockey etc. and find amusement. We can also go to the cinema hall and enjoy ourselves there. Nowadays there are television and computer games to amuse us. With the help of the dish antenna, we can enjoy the cinema, sports programs, show etc. sitting in our drawing-room. CD, VCP, and VCR also provide us with much amusement. But in selecting the means of amusement we must be careful to avoid the immoral and harmful ones.


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