Paragraph : An Interesting TV Serial

An Interesting TV Serial

Television is one of the wonders of modern science. It is the most up-to-date means of communication. Nowadays television has become much popular. We find the television in every house. It has become the media of recreation. There are many interesting TV serials on BTV. One of them is the ‘Adventure of Sindbad’. It is a very interesting TV serial. All the people both young and old find the same interest and pleasure in it. Leaving all work people to sit by the side of the TV when the serial starts. Children like the serial very much because in it there is a mingling of adventure, fairy tale, science, wit, humour, etc. Children, when watching this serial, forget everything in the world. As it is like a fairy tale, the children as well as old men like it very much. It gives us entertainment as well as instruction. It also refreshes our minds. The quality of the maximum program of BTV is not good. If the serial like ‘Sindbad’ is telecast the quality of BTV will improve and BTV will regain its lost audience.

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Bangladesh has television network named BTV. It broadcasts different kinds of interesting programmes. I watch different programmes on it. Most of them give me pleasure, entertainment and knowledge. However, my favourite TV Programme is “Mati O Manush”. The programme takes me close to the toil, to the lop of nature and makes dream of green fields, fresh air and self-sufficient life. It is an informal education programme where our youths are encouraged to be self-employed, self-reliant and self-developed by planting trees, farming, reaping up poultry, cattle, fish and even bees. It is a great inspiration to our unemployed manpower to direct their endeavour to the vast field of hope still unexplored. It is a worthy programme to bring man closer to the soil of his motherland. This programme creates a great appeal among the audiences and spectators who really feel interested to bring about a change in the poor economy of Bangladesh.
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