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Introduction : Patriotism is a noble virtue. Patriotism is love of and devotion to one’s country. The world is derived from the Latin Word for ‘father’ and it literally means love of the fatherland or the land of one’s fathers. A true patriot is an unselfish lover of his country. His sincere desire is to serve its best interests in all ways possible to him. Robert Browning expressed true patriotism in his words – “Here and here did England help me; how can I help England?” He is proud of his country; but, just because he loves it, he is not blind to its faults. He does not hesitate to expose its sins, denounce its abuses, and if he thinks it necessary, criticizes its policies. He is more anxious that his nation should be right rather than it should be powerful. While he loves his own country first, he loves other nations too. and gladly recognizes their virtues and achievements.

Importance of patriotism : Love for one’s own country purifies mind, removes the narrowness of heart and helps one to be selflessly inspired. Man becomes immortal by loving his country, and his patriotism prepares to face an odd challenge as fleeting and trivial. In 1971 the people of our motherland got spirited with patriotism and participated in the Liberation War without caring for their own lives. Our patriotic heroes fought with robust patriotism and thwarted the organized assault of the stronger Pakistani forces. Titumir and Tipu Sultan were defeated by the British but their love for motherland is unparalleled. After the defeat, Titumir’s dead body was saluted by the English General. The valiant tale of patriotic Khudiram of the then Indian sub-continent was an example for the contemporary juvenile heroes and till today Khudiram’s hanging by British is reviewed with applause through singing. Value of an individual’s life is duly assessed with the magnitude of his patriotism. The creed of politics is patriotism, but the selfish and ambitious role of today’s politicians is disappointing.

Patriotism and humanity : Patriotism begets humanity. Only territorial defense or being brave fighter does not amount to real patriotism. Proper service to the country and welfare of the people are the prerequisites of patriotism. A sign of patriotism is implied in the sword of Isa Khan. Rabindranath and Nazrul Islam kept patriotism high in their writings and songs. Actually, everybody should perform his assigned duty and endeavour to contribute to the state welfare. Patriotism finds place in education, art, culture and literary activities of the countrymen. Ideal and honest professionalism gradually build up firm base of patriotism.

Chauvinism often leads to war : Chauvinism is a perpetual cause of war. Hitler’s chauvinism caused World War II, All wars are caused by similar sentiments. George Washington once wrote to a friend,
“A great and lasting war can never be supported on this principle (Chauvinism) alone.”
Bernard Shaw said,
“You will never have a quiet world till you knock this patriotism (Chauvinism) out of the human race.”

Demerits : Patriotism is often used as a cover for mean personal greed. It makes us unjust. unfair and ungenerous in our estimate of other people. Every nation, every race has something definite and distinctive to contribute to the cultural heritage of the world. No nation has a monopoly of virtues. Patriotism must be sobered by a proper respect for other people’s culture.

Conclusion : Homeland is a great asset to men. At the time of our country’s distress or danger, we should be ready to stand by her, to work for her, to lay down our lives for her, if need be. We should love our country because she is bred into our bones every day of our life. The Sanskrit proverb says that mother and motherland are greater even than heaven. The English poet Sir Walter Scott Sang-
“Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
“This is my own, my native land?”

Same composition collected from another book

Introduction : Patriotism is the noblest of all virtues (গুণ) existing in the human world. Patriotism means love for country. It is an indomitable sense or penchant that is totally based on selflessness and unalloyed affection for motherland and fellow-human beings. Those who possess this great virtue are called patriots. They are, needless to say, the true human being who believe in altruism and humanism. They are in the possession of a great heart. A patriot is a completely exceptional figure. Patriots never think about the self interest and material gains and they try to uphold public interest. As they are the true warriors of our society, they always work for their motherland and compatriots without expecting anything in return. Patriotism requires some virtues such as lion heartedness, determination, vigor, vitality and above all a true feeling for country and humanity. It is a virtue that is never taught at any training center. This feeling is inborn and divine. So, it is aptly remarked that. 
“Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven.” 

Patriotism and the History of Bangladesh : The history of Bangladesh is the glaring (চোখধাঁধানো) example of patriotism. Our country was colonized by Pakistani occupation force. We had to undergo sufferings and exploitation owing to their misrule. They engaged themselves in rooting out the existence of Bangalees. That’s why they exploited us in every respect and left us bankrupt. But the patriots of our country were not to be dominated. They took arms in their hands and fought bravely to save mother and motherland. They besmeared (লেপন করা) the streets of our motherland ‘Sonar Bangla’ with their blood. The Pakistanis could destroy our lives and property but could not destroy the immortal sense of patriotism in our freedom fighters. This divine sense of patriotism ignited them to sacrifice their lives for the sake of country. The sanguinary war of liberation, which snatched away the blood red sun of our liberation, exemplifies patriotism in the fullest sense. Our freedom fighters are the real patriots and are still alive in our hearts. They have gone down in history as ‘Heroes’

On the other hand, some of our own people conspired against us and collaborated with our enemies are remembered with utmost hatred They are called Razakars, completely different from the patriots. 

Patriotism of Great Personalities : Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others, have had a niche in the temple of fame by virtue of their patriotism. They have become great because of their sacrifice for the sake of country. These leaden received imprisonments gladly but they never submitted or bowed down their heads to injustice and oppression. They fought to last drop of blood for the welfare of country and fellowmen (শোষণ). For instance, Nelson Mandela, though he had to pass his youthful days in the dark cell, has never stopped his fight/struggle against racism. He is a great leader who has set an example of the patriotism before the entire world.

Conclusion : Motherland is compared to mother. As a mother brings her children with care, a country, in the same way, helps a human being to grow up by providing him/her with her bounteous gifts : air, water, light etc. So, both mother and motherland are equally adorable. It is our bounden duty to work for our motherland so that she can stand upright in honor among the nations of world. Moreover, we should always have resolution to make supreme sacrifice to defend her from the attack of enemies. Our sacrifice is the only way by which we can express our gratitude to our mother and motherland.
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