Paragraph : The Life of Mongolians

The Life of Mongolians

Mongolians life is different from us. They have about a thousand sheep and in the summer season, they take them from one place to another. Their sheep look for grass on the great plains and they follow them on their horses. They don’t have a lot of grass, because they don’t get much rain. Sheep are important in their lives because they’re very useful. They give them many useful things like meat and wool. They use wool to take a thick cloth called felt. Horses are also most important for them. They all have at least one horse. They are nomads and ride their horses everywhere. Their great leader is Genghis Khan and they have a long history. During the summer season, they can move around easily. Their tents are called yurts. These are very comfortable homes and they like to live in them. Then, when their sheep have eaten a lot of grass, they move on to another place. Most Mongolians have two homes, they have another season is winter. Winter is so cold. In January the temperature is about 16 degrees Fahrenheit. So in winter, they can’t move around but stay in one place. This time they stay in their winter homes. There are made of stone so these are warm. As a result, we can say that Mongolian’s life is very difficult.
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