Paragraph : Secret of Good Health

Secret of Good Health

In the present competitive world, one has to know how to keep his health, because the rule of survival of the fittest is still in action and bodily fitness is the prerogative of fitness as a whole. This bodily fitness is not so easy to achieve. One has to eat a balanced diet, take physical exercise, enjoy adequate sleep and follow the basic rules of health to achieve such fitness. Moreover one has to keep oneself aloof from all kinds of drug abuses, which may cut short one’s life at an unexpected time. If anyone violates the rules of health one cannot keep health. If one does not take regular exercise one’s muscles become gradually idle and inactive making one inactive also. If one does not eat proper food one’s body does not grow properly. So one needs to follow the rules of health properly and regularly to keep one’s health and mind as well. So these are secreted of good health.
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