Paragraph : A Reporter

A Reporter

A reporter figure is a person who generally collects news for a newspaper or a news agency. A reporter is a familiar figure in our society. Generally, a reporter is a very busy person collecting news from here and there. He has to run from the top level of society to the lowest level. Reporters are divided into different groups according to their function such as staff reporters, sports reporters, economics reporters, crime reporters etc. A staff reporter plays an important role in a newspaper. The most important news is collected and made by the staff reporter. A staff reporter has to work a lot than the other reporters. A sports reporter collects sports news, a crime reporter collects crime reports which are a very risky task. Besides this, there are TV reporter, cine-reporter and free-lance reporter also. If the reporter of a newspaper report well, the newspaper has a great demand among the people. In a truly democratic country reporter plays a great role and has almost free access to everywhere. In our country, most of the reporters are not so efficient in their work because most of them have no academic education on the related subject. The reporters should be trained to be efficient as they are representatives of the mass people. Although the work of a reporter is very risky and challenging, it is an honourable and noble profession.
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