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Paragraph : A Sudden Death News

A Sudden Death News

A death news is always shocking and news of sudden death is all the more shocking. A sudden death news is like a bolt from the blue to a person. We all know that we have to die one day but one cannot accept it normally. When we hear a death news we become gloomy and sad. Sometimes we cry madly in grief for the passing away of the person. Sometimes we are so shocked at the death news that we turn into a statue. There are some deaths for which we are ready like a death caused by cancer, aids or liver cirrhosis. But the accidental death is mostly known as sudden deaths. Sudden death news is more shocking because we are not ready to get this news or to expect this news. We cannot believe our ears when we hear a sudden death news. A sudden death news often causes more accidental death. Before giving the news of sudden death one should have to make the person ready to bear the news.

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