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A Dictionary

A dictionary is a book where we see the meaning of words. It is a very useful thing. The student life cannot be imagined without a dictionary. In 1225, the first dictionary was published in the Latin language. In 1552, the English dictionary was published. It was published by Richard Wholoat. It is thought that Samuel Johnson was the first man who published dictionary first. But it was Richard Wholoat who published it first. Dictionary may be of various kinds. Almost every country has its own dictionary. In a dictionary, words are dressed alphabetically. So it is easier to find out the meaning of words gradually. Many students have a bad habit that they do not want to handle a dictionary. They do not want even to touch a dictionary. As a result, their knowledge cannot be increased. As in a dictionary there are found the meaning of words, pronunciation, the origin of words, idioms and phrases, anyone who uses it, can gather more knowledge. There are varieties of dictionaries for different users. For ordinary uses, there may be limited stock of words. For scholars there are big dictionaries in so many volumes, some emphasize pronunciation and some others the technical terms of a particular subject. Ordinarily, a dictionary aims at helping the people who want to learn or use a language with competence.
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