Paragraph : A Protest Meeting

A Protest Meeting

A protest meeting is full of sensation. If people think that some wrong decision has been made, they gather in a place to protest against the decision. And for the protest of the wrong, a protest meeting is held. There are speakers who speak on this occasion. They describe and analyze the nature of the wrong. Some suggest serious action, some plead for moderation. The supporters encourage the speakers by clapping. When some objectionable thing is described, some cry, ‘shame, shame’! There is a chairman who presides over the meeting. The chairman speaks when all the speakers end their speeches. Towards the end of the meeting, they make resolutions, either unanimously or by the majority votes. After this, the meeting ends. A protest meeting is an important factor in social life. It shows people’s consciousness and awareness of the problems in what may happen. So a protest meeting is necessary, in order that the ruling govt. of a country cannot dictate the people.
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