Paragraph : A Fish Market

A Fish Market

The fish-market is the busiest part of the whole market. The importance of fish in our daily meals cannot be overstated. The fishermen come from neighbouring places with a large variety of fishes-large and small. They sit on the ground with their fishes spread on the lids of their baskets. Thus they keep their fishes on display and attract customers. Here the hue and cry of the people are the greatest. Everybody higgles and the fisherman bargains. Sometimes, this gives rise to interchange of words and even to altercations. From a distance, one may naturally presume it to be a rowdy quarrel. A fish market is a very dirty and unclean place. It is probably the nastiest and smelly area in the whole market. But considering its great importance in our daily life, all concerned should put their mite to improve the general condition of a fish market.
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