Composition : The House I Live In or My Home

The House I Live In
My Home

Home is more that a house. It is a haven of peace and happiness. Home consists of the members of a particular family.

I remember the home in which I was born. Ours was a happy family. My mother was a centerpiece of our home. She used to prepare meals and look after our education. She helped my father in all matters. During our leisure (অবসর সময়ে) she would tell us stories.

We were seven brothers and sisters. There was intimate cooperation among us. Our eldest brother was the leader of our team. He was a very good and able leader. He loves us all very dearly.

My father was the master of the house but he never gave any orders. He never expressed any wishes. It was my mother who could guess his intention and fulfill his wishes. There was a perfect harmony between them which made our home peaceful and happy.

My home is the safest zone for me. I fell totally secured when I remain at my home. I am always taken care of the parents here. They try their best to provide me as much comfort as they can. So my home is of great importance to me and the other members of my family.

Home is the storehouse of energy for the toiling person. A toil-worn person refreshes his or her mind and energy by the peaceful touch of home. My home provides me with these aspects.
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