Composition : My Home Town or The City of Dhaka

My Home Town
The City of Dhaka

I am a resident of Dhaka which is an old historical city. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is one of the most famous capitals in the world. 

Dhaka stands on the northern bank of the river Buriganga. It is the suburbs 16 km. long and 12 km. broad. More than 1 core people live in the city. 

Subedar Islam Khan was the founder of the city. Islampur Road still reminds us of Subedar Islam Khan. 

Dhaka is now a clean beautiful city. There are fine mosques, churches and temples in Dhaka. The old fort of ‘Lalbagh’ still exists in this city. There are two large ‘Stadiums’ in each of which 70 thousand people can witness games. Dhaka Museum, Gono Bhaban, Supreme Court, High Court, Curzon Hall, Ashan Manzil, Salimullah Muslim Hall, Ramna’s Green, Children Park and the New Market are things worth-seeing. The climate of this place is very good. From every respect the total set-up of Dhaka is mention-worthy. Shahjalal International Airport gives a new importance to this very capital city, Dhaka. Very soon Dhaka will be treated as mega-city and in near future, it may be turned into a cosmopolitan city. 

Dhaka is the greatest center of education in Bangladesh. The University of Dhaka, The Board of Secondary Education, two Medical Collages, The Engineering University, colleges, schools and madrashas are important educational institutions. 

Dhaka has become one of the most important business centers of Bangladesh. The city is connected with various parts of the country by railway lines and river ways. It exports just and hides. Dhaka was once very famous for its ‘Maslin’. The Bangles of conch-shell and saris of Dhaka are still famous for their quality.


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