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HSC Preparation 2022

Business Communication

These topics or questions are available in this sheet
  • Define Communication. Briefly discuss the benefits of effective communication.
  • Define Business Communication. What are the characteristics of effective communication?
  • “Communication is blocked by various types of barriers” –explain.
  • What are the different types of technology we are used in business communication?
  • Briefly discuss the process of business communication.
  • Briefly discuss the different types of business communication.
  • Briefly explain 7C’s of business communication.
  • Briefly explain importance of listening.
  • Briefly explain various types of listening.
  • “Listening involves five steps” –explain.
  • Explain the different barrier the impede listening.
  • How can you reduce the barrier of listening?
  • Explain the different categories of nonverbal Communication.
  • Define Team. Highlight the advantage & disadvantage of working in team.
  • Outline an effective approach to team communication.
  • Briefly explain the guidelines will help you collaborate move successfully on team message.
  • What is mean by group dynamics? Explain how group dynamics.
  • Briefly explain the team role people play.
  • Briefly discuss the phases of team evolution.
  • What is the mean by intercultural communication? Briefly discuss.
  • Define culture. Briefly explain the contextual difference.
  • Briefly explore the difference between High context & Low context culture.
  • “Cultural differences can lead to miscommunication in the workplace” –Explain the statement.
  • Briefly explain the cultural variation considering legal, social, non-verbal, age & gender difference.
Business Communication Sheet
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