Paragraph : Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation

Bangladesh is a poor country. Poverty is an ever present specter to us. Our people are being decayed because of this poverty. We have to remove the curse of poverty from our life. Our people are ill-fed. They are skeleton like because of poverty alleviation program should be taken for our people. We have to educate our people. Only education can make skilled manpower. We also should give easy loans to our poor people so that they can work for their living. We have to set up sufficient employment opportunities where our poor people should be employed. Our government should take concrete steps to make poverty alleviation program successful. Different NGO’s and social organizations can come forward in this case to help our poor people. Our concerted efforts can remove poverty. Thus poverty alleviation is a crying need for us. It is hoped that one day our people will get rid of the courses of poverty.
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