Letter to your friend describing why want to be police officer

Write a letter to your friend describing why want to be a police officer.

September 23, 2023
Mirpur, Dhaka

Dear Rubel
I hope you are well with your parents. In your last letter you have wanted to know why I want to be a police officer. Now I am telling you.

You know that Bangladesh is mostly dependent on police departments to keep discipline and ensure security across the country. So the police play in important role in building a peaceful and disciplined country. But our police department has a bad reputation for corruption. It is right that a vast change starts from the personal level. In this regard, I want to change this department by making myself honest, strict to duty and friendly to the public. To contribute to the country I must try from my position and level to increase the faith of the public in police and stablish an idea in the public that police are no more exploiter and oppressor but friends and helpers. I have also some other reasons to be a police but I shall tell you at our meeting. However, these are the main causes of why I want to be a police officer.

No more today. Be happy and take care.

Yours Lovely
Al Amin
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