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Write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed

Write the Antonym or Synonym
of the words as directed below

 1  The six criteria outline what should be in place before transitioning away from these measures currently in place, such as physical distancing and shutdowns. This slow and strategic response is necessary because the virus spreads rapidly and outbreaks can occur quickly. There are no new vaccines or medicines to prevent or treat COVID-19. Physical distancing measures and movement restrictions are effective in slowing the spread of the virus by limiting contact between people. If these measures are lifted too early or too quickly, it is likely to lead to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases.

(a) critera (synonym); (b) outline (synonym); (c) physical (antonym); (d) slow (antonym); (e) strategic (synonym); (f) necessary (antonym); (g) new (antonym); (h) prevent (synonym); (i) movement (antonym); (j) restriction (synonym); (k) effective (antonym); (l) lifted (synonym); (m) sharp; (antonym); (n) increase (synonym).
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(a) trait/specific/feature/characteristic; (b) synopsis/inventory/abstract; (c) nonphysical; (d) fast/brisk/swift/speedy; (e) systematic; (f) needless/unnecessary; (g) archaic/old-fashioned; (h) avert; (i) motionlessness; (j) limitation; (k) hypothetical; (l) withdrawn; (m) dull, dim; (n) augment/enhance.

 2  Social values underline a set principles of generally accepted norms and behaviour of a society. Our forefathers practised a good number of social values like simplicity, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, and piety. We have replaced those good aspects with complexity, dishonesty, corruption, conspiracy, faithlessness and envy. Our materialistic attitude has made us self-centered and corrupt. We must get rid of these vices and create awareness among all about the negative impacts of our wrongdoings. In order to make a better society, we should create awareness among people about the outcome of their misdeeds. We must have distinctive social values once practised by our forefather. We should attach importance to the past moral values to bring peace and harmony in the society and make the world better for living.

(a) accepted (antonym); (b) sincerity (antonym); (c) responsibility (synonym); (d) complexity (antonym); (e) envy (antonym); (f) vice (antonym); (g) impact (synonym); (h) awareness (synonym); (i) outcome (synonym); (j) distinctive (synonym); (k) forefather (synonym); (l) importance (synonym); (m) moral (antonym); (n) harmony (antonym).
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(a) rejected/repudiated; (b) insincerity; (c) liability/dutifulness; (d) simplicity; (e) praise/ happiness/delight; (f) goodness/ virtue; (g) influence/result/outcome; (h) consciousness; (i) result/consequence impact; (j) unique/characteristic; (k) predecessor; (l) emphasis; (m) immoral/unethical; (n) disagreement/discord.

 3  Sports are a popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events are organized from time to time. Most of the events are sponsored by multinational manufacturing companies and business firms. They pay for the sports events in exchange for the right to advertise their products during those events. These events are telecast worldwide by satellite and people all over the world watch them live. As a result, the sponsor's products receive maximum media coverage giving companies international recognition. This is the only commercial aspect of international sports but there are other aspects too.

(a) popular (antonym); (b) form (synonym); (c) entertainment (synonym); (d) organize (synonym); (e) sponsor (synonym); (f) multinational (antonym); (g) pay (antonym); (h) watch (synonym); (i) maximum (antonym); (j) recognition (antonym); (k) only (synonym); (l) aspect (synonym); (m) international (antonym); (n) other (synonym).
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(a) unpopular; (b) type/kind; (c) amusement/recreation/enjoyment; (d) arrange; (c) patronize; national; (g) receive/take/owe; (h) witness/enjoy; (i) minimum; (j) ignorance/unfamiliarity; (k) mere/simple/sole; (l) characteristic/feature/trait; (m) domestic/national: (n) additional/extra.

 4  Books are the unique medium through which we contact mighty minds of ages. Books tell us about their feelings what they said and what they did. Books are one of the greatest friends to us. They introduce us to the best humanity. They are reliable records of the history of the pastmen. A book is a valuable living voice. We can know about the thoughts and rituals of past men through books. We should read good books and avoid worthless ones. A good book is a friend in loneliness and a nurse in ailment. We can find real happiness by reading good books.

(a) unique (antonym); (b) mighty (antonym); (c) humanity (synonym); (d) reliable (antonym); (e) valuable (antonym); (f) ritual (synonym); (g) read (synonym); (h) avoid (synonym); (i) worthless (synonym); (j) loneliness (synonym); (k) nurse (synonym); (l) ailment (synonym); (m) find (synonym); (n) happiness (antonym).
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(a) common/general; (b) weak/powerless; (c) people/persons; (d) unreliable; (c) cheap/inexpensive; (f) custom/manner/practice; (g) peruse/study; (h) avert/shun; (i) valueless/useless; (j) lonesomeness/solitariness/solitude; (k) healer/caretaker; (l) sickness/disease/indisposition; (m) discover/get; (n) sorrow/grief/ unhappiness.

 5  After the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to travel to outer space in 1961, the Soviet Union decided to send a woman in space. Proletarian Valentina Tereshkova was selected for this project from among more than four hundred applicants. Since the successful launch of the spacecraft Vostok-5 on 14 June 1963, Tereshkova began preparing for her own flight. On 16 June 1963, she was dressed in space-suits and taken to the space shuttle launch pad by a bus. After completing her communication and life support checks, she was sealed inside Vostok-6. Finishing a two-hour countdown, Vostok-6 launched faultlessly. Although Tereshkova experienced nausea and physical discomfort for much of the flight, she orbited the earth 48 times and spent almost three days in space. She also maintained a flight log and took photographs of the horizon, which were later used to identify aerosol layers within the atmosphere.

(a) flight (synonym); (b) outer (antonym); (c) proletarian (synonym); (d) applicant (synonym); (e) launch (synonym); (f) began (antonym); (g) prepare (synonym); (h) check (synonym); (i) faultless (antonym); (j) nausea (synonym); (k) discomfort (antonym); (l) orbited (synonym); (m) maintain (synonym); (n) later (antonym).
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(a) soaring/flying; (b) inside/interior/inner; (c) simple/ordinary/common/lowborn; (d) candidate; (e) initiation/commencement/ start/beginning; (f) completed/finished/ended; (g) arrange/get ready; (h) examine; (i) faulty/defective/imperfect; (j) sickness/ vomiting; (k) comfort/ease/ easiness; (l) encircled; (m) sustain/have/keep; (n) earlier/formerly/previously.

 6  Grass is a vegetation consisting of short plants with long narrow leaves. The grass family contains some 9000 species, including both terrestrial and aquatic species. No other plant family has been so successful in colonising a broad range of habitats across the globe. Most grasses have unconscious flowers that are wind pollinated. Certain species are cultivated as food crops. Others are employed in horticulture.

(a) consist (synonym); (b) narrow (antonym); (c) include (antonym); (d) aquatic (synonym); (e) successful (synonym); (f) broad (antonym); (g) habitat (synonym); (h) unconscious (synonym); (i) pollinated (synonym); (j) certain (antonym); (k) species (synonym); (l) crops (synonym); (m) employed (synonym); (n) horticulture (synonym).
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(a) constitute; (b) wide/broad; (c) exclude; (d) watery; (e) able/capable/prosperous; (f) narrow; (g) abode; (h) unaware/unmindful; (i) fertilized; (j) uncertain/indefinite; (k) types; (l) harvests; (m) engaged; (n) gardening/farming.

 7  All this was perplexing and upsetting. For at the time I had already made up my mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the sooner I chucked up my job and got out of it the better. Theoretically and secretly, of course I was all for the strugglers and against their oppressors.

(a) perplexing (antonym); (b) upsetting (antonym); (c) imperialism (synonym); (d) evil (antonym); (e) sooner (antonym); (f) chucked (synonym); (g) job (synonym); (h) better (antonym); (i) theoretically (synonym); (j) secretly (synonym); (k) all (antonym); (l) struggler (synonym); (m) against (synonym); (n) oppressor (synonym).
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(a) clear/easy/simple/straightforward; (b) comforting/pacifying/placating; (c) colonialism/ capitalism; (d) good/divine; (e) later; (f) left/forsook/abandoned; (g) occupation/service/work; (h) worse; (i) hypothetically/apparently; (j) stealthily/privately; (k) partly/partially; (l) agitators; (m) opposing/resisting; (n) tyrant/persecutor/tormentor.

 8  An ideal teacher knows the art of teaching. He is the master of his subject. He makes his lessons interesting, His method of teaching is convincing and inspiring. An ideal teacher treats his students like his own children. He praises the good work done by them. If a student does some mistakes, he is never harsh to him. He tactfully makes his student realize his mistake. An ideal teacher is never angry with his students. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He never sets a wrong example before his students. He has high moral values.

(a) ideal (synonym); (b) art (synonym); (c) master (synonym); (d) subject (synonym); (e) make (antonym); (f) method (synonym); (g) convincing (antonym); (h) treat (synonym); (i) praise (antonym); (j) harsh (antonym); (k) mistake (synonym); (l) angry (antonym); (m) simple (antonym); (n) moral (synonym).
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(a) good/perfect/exemplary; (b) skill/technique; (c) expert; (d) topic/study; (e) spoil/ruin/destroy (f) way/system/process; (g) unconvincing/ unimpressive; (h) behave/act/consider; (i) criticize/condemn/rebuke; (j) kind/gentle/pleasant; (k) fault/blunder/error; (l) pleased/satisfied/delighted; (m) luxurious/gorgeous; (n) ethical/pious/noble/virtuous.

 9  Democracy is the system of government which allows freedom of speech, religious and political opinion. It means fair and equal treatment for the citizens without social class division. In fact, in a democratic country people elect their representatives who work for the people. Free and fair election is the precondition for democracy. In a democratic country, people enjoy the rights of food, cloth, shelter, éducation, medical treatment and other facilities.

(a) system (synonym); (b) allow (synonym); (c) freedom (synonym); (d) opinion (synonym); (e) fair (antonym); (f) equal (antonym); (g) division (antonym); (h) elect (synonym); (i) rights (synonym); (j) cloth (synonym); (k) shelter (synonym); (l) education (synonym); (m) treatment (synonym); (n) facility (synonym).
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(a) process/method; (b) permit; (c) liberty; (d) view; (e) unfair/unjust; (f) unequal/partial; (g) union/unity/integrity; (h) select/choose; (i) privileges/prerogatives; (j) attire/apparel; (k) housing/habitation; (l) schooling/teaching/instruction; (m) care/service; (n) advantage/privilege.

 10  Sincerity is the root of success of all work. One can go a long way if one does a job with sincerity. The great men are sincere because they know that sincerity is the key to success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity, can never go a long way. Sincerity is the secret of victory. If any work is not done with sincerity, one will never receive desirable output from it. So, we should be sincere in every walk of life.

(a) success (antonym); (b) job (synonym); (c) great (antonym); (d) because (synonym); (e) know (synonym); (f) follow (antonym); (g) rule (synonym); (h) never (antonym); (i) victory (synonym); (j) receive (antonym); (k) desirable (antonym); (l) output (synonym); (m) sincere (antonym); (n) walk (synonym).
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(a) failure; (b) work/employment/service; (c) ordinary/common; (d) as/since/for; (e) realize/ understand; (f) disobey/ignore; (g) law/order/principle; (h) always/ever; (i) win/triumph; (j) forfeit/lose; (k) undesirable/ unexpected (l) result/product; (m) insincere; (n) sphere/stage.

 11  Courtesy is a virtue in a man. It goes without saying that courtesy costs us nothing but gives a lot. So, you should be courteous. You must have politeness. People will disrespect and dislike you are discourteous. Nobody likes discourtesy. Try to be gentle from your student life. You can win the heart of your enemy by being courteous. You can ensure removal of hatred and anger by embracing your enemy. Courtesy can remove the bitter relationship and improve mutual understanding and cordiality among people.

(a) virtue (synonym); (b) a lot (synonym); (c) courteous (antonym); (d) discourtesy (synonym); (e) win (antonym); (f) enemy (synonym); (g) ensure (synonym); (h) hatred (antonym); (i) anger (antonym); (j) enemy (antonym); (k) remove (synonym); (l) bitter (antonym); (m) mutual (synonym); (n) cordiality (antonym).
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(a) quality; (b) many/much; (c) rude/impolite/discourteous; (d) impoliteness/disrespect rudeness; (e) lose; (f) foe/opponent; (g) guarantee/assure; (h) admiration/love/like; (i) calm/delight/pleasure; (j) friend/supporter/helper/associate; (k) eliminate/ expel/ dispel; (l) sweet/nice/pleasant/genial; (m) reciprocal/interactive; (n) malevolence/enmity.

 12  A good writer may be a good reader. A good reader may be a good speaker or make good recitation. Nothing of this is impossible for a man if he is not lazy. The main thing is sincerity. Seriousness should also be taken under consideration. If a man is serious, he can make impossible to be possible. If we become serious in our intention, we can shine in life.

(a) good (antonym); (b) speaker (synonym); (c) recitation (synonym); (d) impossible (antonym); (e) lazy (antonym); (f) sincerity (synonym); (g) seriousness (synonym); (h) under (synonym); (i) consideration (synonym); (j) make (synonym); (k) possible (antonym); (l) serious (antonym); (m) intention (synonym); (n) shine (synonym).
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(a) immature; (b) orator/lecturer; (c) perusal/reading/narration; (d) possible; (e) active; (f) honesty genuineness; (g) earnestness/thoughtfulness; (h) into; (i) refleclion/thought; (j) accomplish/ render/do (k) impossible; (l) insincere/ indifferent/flippant; (m) desire/will; (n) prosper/succeed.

 13  Bangladesh is an agro-based country. The soil of Bengal is purer than gold. Most of her land is fertile. The farmers of this country are industrious. They work ceaselessly from dawn to dusk. They are not lazy. They love their motherland. They have a strong attachment to their motherland. Their diligence and perseverance keep the wheel of economy moving. We must respect them. We are grateful to them. We must follow their devotion to duty and country.

(a) fertile (synonym); (b) industrious (antonym); (c) ceaselessly (synonym); (d) lazy (synonym); (e) love (antonym); (f) strong (synonym); (g) diligence (synonym); (h) perseverance (synonym); (i) moving (antonym); (j) respect (synonym); (k) grateful (antonym); (l) follow (synonym); (m) devotion (synonym); (n) duty (antonym).
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(a) alluvial/productive; (b) idle/lazy/inactive; (c) continuously/incessantly/constantly; (d) inactive/idle (e) hate/abhor; (f) deep/profound; (g) assiduity/hard work; (h) persistence/ indefatigableness; (i) stagnant/ immobile/unmoving; (j) honour; (k) ungrateful/thankless; (l) pursue/chase; (m) dedication/commitment; (n) indifference/carelessness.

 14  Rima is a good-looking young woman. Her large dark eyes are beautiful. Her complexion is flawless and she has got a lovely big smile. Her long black hair is full and shiny. She is tall and slender, and her movement is graceful. And she always dresses stylishly. Everybody appreciates her beauty. But Rima worries that people do not notice her talents and hard work. She wants people to know that a woman can have beauty, ambition and a bit of intelligence too.

(a) good-looking (synonym); (b) dark (synonym); (c) flawless (synonym); (d) shiny (antonym); (e) slender (antonym); (f) graceful (synonym); (g) stylishly (antonym); (h) appreciate (antonym); (i) worries (antonym); (j) notice (antonym); (k) talent (synonym); (l) beauty (antonym); (m) ambition (synonym); (n) bit (synonym).
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(a) beautiful/lovely; (b) black/opaque; (c) perfect/faultless; (d) dull/pale; (e) bulky/ fat/obese; (f) excellent/elegant/beautiful; (g) unfashionably/awkwardly/unattractively; (h) ignore/ overlook; (i) calm down/rejoice/soothe; (j) ignore/overlook/neglect; (k) aptitude/genius; (l) ugliness; (m) aspiration/ desire/yearning/ aim; (n) small amount.

 15  Books are men's best friends in life. You may have many good friends; but you do not find them when you need them. They may not always come to you with sympathy. Some may prove true or some may prove false and do you much harm. But books are always ready to be by your side. Some books will make you laugh, some others will give you much pleasure. Again, some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your everlasting friends throughout your life.

(a) friend (antonym); (b) need (antonym); (c) sympathy (synonym); (d) prove (synonym); (e) false (antonym); (f) harm (antonym); (g) laugh (antonym); (h) pleasure (synonym); (i) bring (synonym); (j) knowledge (antonym); (k) idea (synonym); (l) everlasting (synonym); (m) throughout (synonym); (n) life (antonym).
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(a) enemy/foe; (b) have/ignore; (c) pity/compassion/thoughtfulness; (d) turn out; (e) genuine/ real/true; (f) benefit/ help; (g) cry/weep; (h) joy/delight; (i) give/provide; (j) ignorance; (k) notion/ concept/thought; (l) eternal/constant; (m) during; (n) death.

 16  The process of globalization obviously requries a common language for international communication. For many different reasons, English has achieved the prestige of being that language. As a result, it has crossed national borders to reach people who speak other languages. It is no longer the unique possession of British or American people, but a language that belongs to the world's people. In fact, bilingual and multilingual users of English far outnumber its monolingual native speakers. This phenomenon has led to a bewildering variety of English around the world. As more and more people speak English, more and more varieties have emerged which are strongly influenced by the pronunciation, grammar and idioms of the respective mother tongues. World English has now moved away from the control of the native speakers. However, the question of British or American English is not so important now. Today's slogan is mutual intelligibility among users of the language.

(a) obviously (synonym); (b) prestige (synonym); (c) national (synonym); (d) unique (antonym); (e) native (antonym); (f) variety (synonym); (g) emerge (antonym); (h) control (antonym); (i) important (synonym); (j) slogan (synonym); (k) mutual (synonym); (l) intelligibility (antonym); (m) user (synonym); (n) language (synonym).
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(a) evidently/distinctly; (b) status/honour; (c) local/domestic; (d) ordinary/common; (e) foreign/ exotic; (f) diversity; (g) disappear/vanish; (h) freedom; (i) significant/vital; (j), watchword; (k) reciprocal/ interchangeable; (l) unintelligibility/comprehensibleness/comprehensiveness; (m) speaker/practitioner; (n) dialect/tongue/speech.

 17  Human life is dynamic. Everyone, therefore, must have a plan to do something or to be something in life. And that is one's aim in life. A man without an aim has no direction and can never go ahead as expected. So, everyone should choose a profession which suits him most. The choice of profession depends on one's taste, interest, aptitude and ability. These vary from person to person. Teaching is a noble profession. The teachers are nation-builders. They educate the children and train them to become good and useful citizen in future.

(a) dynamic (antonym); (b) therefore (synonym); (c) plan (antonym); (d) aim (synonym); (e) direction (synonym); (f) ahead (antonym); (g) profession (synonym); (h) suit (antonym); (i) aptitude (antonym); (j) ability (antonym); (k) vary (synonym); (l) educate (synonym); (m) train (synonym); (n) citizen (antonym).
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(a) lethergic/idle/inactive; (b) accordingly/so/thus/hence; (c) chance/disorder/muddling/ disorganization; (d) objective/goal/ plan/ target/design/intention; (e) instruction/way/plan; (f) behind; (g) career/job/business/occupation; (h) upset/frustrate/mismatch/disjoin; (i) aversion/ allergy/disinclination; (j) inability/incapacity; (k) differ/change/ diversify; (l) instruct/teach/train; (m) instruct/teach/educate; (n) alien/foreigner/immigrant/stranger.

 18  We should never call a student weaker. Teachers should never discourage any student frustrating his/her interest, ability and dream. Every teacher should try his/her best to find out the ways of success for the students and guide them to achieve it.

(a) never (antonym); (b) weaker (antonym); (c) discourage (antonym); (d) frustrating (synonym); (e) interest (synonym); (f) ability (synonym); (g) dream (synonym); (h) best (antonym); (i) find (synonym); (j) ways (synonym); (k) success (antonym); (l) students (synonym); (m) guide (antonym); (n) achieve (synonym).
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(a) always; (b) stronger; (c) encourage; (d) disappointing; (e) attraction/eagerness; (f) capability; (g) aim/vision/reverie; (h) worst; (i) search/discover; (j) path/route/process; (k) failure; (l) pupils/learners; (m) misguide; (n) attain/gain/earn.

 19  There are many people who have a conservative outlook. Quite early in life they learn to believe that everything in this world was predetermined and all that happens to them was ordained by God. For this belief, the poor generally accept their poverty and all their sorrows and sufferings without trying much to overcome them. They also have the same sort of attitude towards illness and disease.

(a) people (synonym); (b) conservative (antonym); (c) early (antonym); (d) believe (synonym); (e) world (synonym); (f) all (antonym); (g) poverty (antonym); (h) sufferings (synonym); (i) much (antonym); (j) overcome (synonym); (k) same (antonym); (l) attitude (synonym); (m) illness (synonym); (n) disease (antonym).
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(a) persons; (b) liberal; (c) late; (d) trust; (e) earth; (f) none/nothing; (g) affluence/solvency; (h) pains/agonies/afflictions; (i) less; (j) conquer/remove; (k) different/dissimilar; (l) outlook/view; (m) ailment/sickness; (n) health/soundness.

 20  Modern education is somewhat different from that of the past. In method, it seeks to draw out and improve the mind, to make it eager and curious. It depends more on observation than mere bookish knowledge. A mind that is intellectually alert, will learn from books. It develops the latent talent of any individual. Teachers play a vital role in teaching the students. They aren't just instructors. Rather, they support and guide students so that the students can succeed in their way of life.

(a) different (synonym); (b) seek (synonym); (c) eager (antonym); (d) observation (synonym); (e) mere (antonym); (f) alert (synonym); (g) latent (antonym); (h) vital (synonym); (i) instructor (synonym); (j) support (antonym); (k) guide (antonym); (l) students (synonym); (m) succeed (antonym); (n) way (synonym).
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(a) varied/distinct/dissimilar; (b) try/attempt; (c) indifferent/apathetic/ unwilling/ reluctant; (d) experience/examination; (e) much/more/sufficient/ alternative; (f) careful/ cautious/ vigilant/ prompt; (g) open/exposed/obvious; (h) important/significant/crucial; (i) educator/teacher; (j) oppose/hinder; (k) misguide/mislead; (l) pupils/learners; (m) fail/decline/languish; (n) path/ course/process.

 21  A thing cannot become as precious as gold only by way of glittering. People in general and attracted by outward show of things and not by their own merits. Gold is a bright precious metal and its value is recognised by all. Nevertheless, there are many metals cheaper than gold but look like it. They glitter for some time and fade in course of time. They fascinate our eyes too. But their beauty and glamour do not last long. But gold is such a metal that it can stand the wear and tear of time and shine till the last moment of existence. In our society, there are so many people who are outwardly very gentle and nice. But after a period of time, their real identity is revealed. They do not have intrinsic value and morality.

(a) precious (antonym); (b) glitter (synonym); (c) attract (synonym); (d) outward (antonym); (e) recognize (synonym); (f) fascinate (synonym); (g) glamour (antonym); (h) shine (antonym); (i) outwardly (antonym); (j) gentle (antonym); (k) identity (synonym); (l) revealed (synonym); (m) intrinsic (synonym); (n) morality (antonym).
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(a) worthless/valueless; (b) shine; (c) fascinate; (d) inward; (e) acknowledge/identify; (f) allure/charm; (g) dullness; (h) fade; (i) inwardly; (j) harsh/unkind/unfriendly; (k) individuality/ personality/character; (l) exposed/manifested/unveiled; (m) inherent; (n) immorality.

 22  During the nine-month long Liberation War, the Pakistani Army carried out the most brutal massacre in human history. There were thousands of killing fields all around Bangladesh. One of the largest killing fields is located at Dumuria in Khulna. The area is called Chuknagar. Hundreds and thousands of fleeing people arrived at Chuknagar to cross the border. On 20 May 1971, Pakistani soldiers surrounded the area. They started to fire the fleeing people. About eight to ten thousand people were killed at Chuknagar.

(a) liberation (synonym); (b) brutal (antonym); (c) massacre (synonym); (d) human (antonym); (e) largest (antonym); (f) located (antonym); (g) called (synonym); (h) border (synonym); (i) surrounded (synonym); (j) started (antonym); (k) fire (synonym); (l) fleeing (synonym); (m) people (synonym); (n) killed (synonym).
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(a) freedom/liberty/independence; (b) humane/kind; (c) genocide; (d) inhuman; (e) smallest; (f) dislocated; (g) named; (h) boundary/edge; (i) encompassed/enclosed; (j) finished/ completed; (k) shoot; (l) escaping; (m) public/persons; (n) butchered/ murdered.

 23  Children are our best assets. They always like to listen to fascinating stories. But if the stories are uninteresting, they lose interest. There should not be anything immoral in the stories for children. Again, stories should not be so long that they can make children impatient. Stories should not even contain anything illogical or anything that can make children indifferent to their studies. The stories should be instructive leading the children to be perfect morally and ethically. Parents and teachers can play a vital role here in guiding the children what to choose and what not.

(a) fascinating (antonym); (b) interest (synonym); (c) immoral (synonym); (d) impatient (antonym): (e) contain (synonym); (f) illogical (antonym); (g) indifferent (synonym); (h) instructive (synonym); (i) perfect (antonym); (j) ethical (antonym); (k) vital (antonym); (l) guide (synonym); (m) children (synonym); (n) choose (antonym).
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(a) dull/unattractive/tedious; (b) curiosity/attention/eagerness; (c) wicked/vicious/unethical/ indecent/licentious; (d) patient/calm/ tolerant; (e) hold/have; (f) logical/rational/relevant/ sensible; (g) callous/apathetic/disinterested; (h) educative/ informative; (i) imperfect/immature/ defective; (j) unethical/immoral; (k) insignificant/trivial/unimportant/inessential; (l) lead/ show/direct; (m) baby/offspring/kid/youngster; (n) ignore/neglect/ reject.

 24  Illiteracy is a curse. It is the root cause of ignorance which frustrates all development efforts of the government. No development effort can succeed unless illiteracy is eradicated. Eradication of illiteracy in a country like Bangladesh with so vast a population is undoubtedly a gigantic task.

(a) Illiteracy (antonym); (b) curse (antonym); (c) root (synonym); (d) cause (synonym); (e) ignorance (antonym); (f) frustrate (synonym); (g) development (synonym); (h) effort (synonym); (i) succeed (synonym); (j) eradicated (antonym); (k) vast (antonym); (l) undoubtedly (synonym); (m) gigantic (antonym); (n) task (synonym).
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(a) literacy; (b) blessing; (c) main; (d) reason; (e) wisdom/knowledge; (f) foil/thwart; (g) improvement/progress/advancement; (h) attempt/endeavour; (i) prosper; (j) retained; (k) small/ little; (l) certainly; (m) small/tiny; (n) job/enterprise.

 25  In Bangladesh, students require to read English for about ten years. But the level of proficiency they reach is very low. No wonder that most of them fail in their English tests. People taking the Civil Service Examination are also tested on their knowledge of English, but the results are equally disappointing although almost all the candidates have presumably master degree in various disciplines. Even those who pass or qualify are hardly able to write a free composition in acceptable English. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with the teaching and learning of English in Bangladesh.

(a) require (synonym); (b) proficiency, (antonym); (c) wonder (synonym); (d) tested (synonym); (e) equally (antonym); (f) disappointing (synonym); (g) presumably (antonym); (h) qualify (antonym); (i) able (antonym); (j) acceptable (antonym); (k) obviously (antonym); (l) seriously (antonym); (m) wrong (synonym); (n) with (antonym).
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(a) need. (b) inefficiency/incompetence/unskilfulness; (c) astonishment/surprise/ amazement; (d) examined/judged/evaluated; (e) unequally; (f) frustrating; (g) obviously/surely/certainly/ definitely; (h) fail/disqualify; (i) incapable/unable; (j) unacceptable/unwelcome; (k) mysteriously; (l) casually/lightly/trivially; (m) defective/ incorrect/ faulty; (n) without.

 26  Many people think that the 7th March speech is an unprecedented example in the political history of the world. After this, the united people took active part in the non-cooperation movement and spontaneously took part in the fight for the freedom of the nation. These are termed as the freedom fighters, the people of this country helped those fighters. Schools, colleges, offices, mills and factories of the whole country were stopped at the order of Bangabandhu. There was no collection of tax and revenue and the situation of the country, was going beyond the control of the Pakistan rulers. Realizing the gravity of that, Yahya Khan arrived in Dhaka on 15th March and proposed negotiations with Bangabandhu. But in the name of discussion and negotiations, they were making conspiracy against Bangabandhu.

(a) unprecedented (antonym); (b) example (synonym); (c) united (antonym); (d) active (antonym); (e) non-cooperation (antonym); (f) spontaneously (antonym); (g) freedom (antonym); (h) fighters (synonym); (i) stopped (synonym); (j) order (synonym); (k) control (antonym); (l) gravity (synonym); (m) proposed (synonym); (n) conspiracy (synonym).
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(a) common; (b) instance; (c) disunited/divided/detached; (d) inactive; (e) cooperation; (f) unwillingly/ coercively/forcibly; (g) bondage/slavery/servitude; (h) warriors; (i) closed; (j) command/direction; (k) powerlessness/freedom/chaos; (l) seriousness/importance; (m) suggested; (n) plot.

 27  The rapid advancement of science has made life easy and less complicated. The inventions made by science are many. Computer is the latest addition to them. It has now become an essential part of modern life. Any device helping people perform mathematical calculation may be called a computer. It is a special kind of electronic machine that can perform mathematical calculation and process large masses of information at a great speed. Computer is now used in all sectors of life. It is widely used in the field of space administration, telecommunication, air traffic control, navigation of ship and aircrafts. In fact, computer is doing a great job by substituting human brain and thus preventing misuse of time and energy.

(a) advancement (synonym); (b) complicated (antonym); (c) latest (synonym); (d) essential (antonym); (e) perform (synonym); (f) special (antonym); (g) large (antonym); (h) sectors (synonym); (i) widely (synonym); (j) ship (synonym); (k) great (antonym); (l) substituting (synonym); (m) prevent (antonym); (n) misuse (synonym).
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(a) progress; (b) simple/easy; (c) newest/up-to-date/recent; (d) inessential/unnecessary/ dispensable; (e) accomplish/do; (f) common/ordinary; (g) small/negligible; (h) fields/parts; (i) extensively/largely; (j) vessel/liner; (k) insignificant/unimportant; (l) replacing/exchanging; (m) help/encourage; (n) abuse/misapplication.

 28  Facebook is a very popular social networking site with over eight hundred million users. But it has both positive and negative effects on its users. We can keep touch with our friends and relatives. It is the best means to stay connected with people. Facebook helps us make friendship even with unknown people. On the other hand, it is very easy for cyber bullies to thrive. They can harass anyone. Besides, teenagers are spending too much time on it.

(a) popular (synonym); (b) effect (synonym); (c) touch (synonym); (d) relative (synonym); (e) means (synonym); (f) connected (antonym); (g) help (synonym); (h) friendship (antonym); (i) unknown (antonym); (j) easy (antonym); (k) thrive (synonym); (l) harass (synonym); (m) teenager (antonym); (n) spend (synonym).
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(a) familiar/favourite; (b) consequence/result/impact; (c) contact/relation; (d) kinsfolks; (e) way/ medium; (f) detached/separated; (g) assist; (h) enmity; (i) known/familiar; (j) difficult; (k) flourish; (l) annoy/bother; (m) adult; (n) expend/ consume.

 29  Communicative competence refers to the ability to use a language appropriately in different circumstances. There are two ways of developing communicative competence in a language. The first is acquisition which is similar to the way people develop ability in their mother tongue. It is a natural, subconscious process in which users are not usually aware of acquiring a language. They are aware only of the fact that they are using the language to communicate. In non-technical terms acquisition is ‘picking up' a language spontaneously. It may also be called 'implicit' learning. On the other hand, learning is the other way to have communicative competence. It may be called explicit learning. Explicit learning takes place in structured settings.

(a) competence (synonym); (b) ability (antonym); (c) appropriately (antonym); (d) similar (antonym); (e) natural (synonym); (f) subconscious (antonym); (g) aware (synonym); (h) communicate (synonym); (i) acquisition (antonym); (j) spontaneously (synonym); (k) learning (antonym); (l) way (synonym); (m) explicit (synonym); (n) settings (synonym).
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(a) ability/skill; (b) inability; (c) inappropriately; (d) dissimilar/different; (e) normal/spontaneous; (f) conscious; (g) conscious; (h) apprise/relate; (i) relinquishment/disposal; (j) voluntarily /naturally; (k) ignorance; (l) method/path; (m) clear/lucid; (n) context.

 30  Honesty is the antonymous use of dishonesty. An honest man is never harmful to anybody. He never does injustice to others. When he does anything immoral, he feels uncomfortable. He never tells a lie. He is always responsive to his duty. We should not perform any job with insincerity and it's better to leave the path of dishonesty and falsehood.

(a) honesty (synonym); (b) harmful (antonym); (c) injustice (antonym); (d) immoral (synonym); (e) uncomfortable (antonym); (f) lie (antonym); (g) responsive (synonym); (h) duty (synonym); (i) perform (synonym); (j) insincerity (antonym); (k) better (antonym); (l) leave (synonym); (m) path (synonym); (n) falsehood (synonym).
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(a) integrity; (b) beneficial/useful; (c) justice; (d) depraved/unethical; (e) comfortable; (f) truth; (g) responding/reactive; (h) responsibility; (i) accomplish/discharge/do; (j) sincerity; (k) worse; (l) depart/abandon/desert; (m) track/way; (n) untruth/mendacity.

 31  The present age is marked not only by the importance of the family as an economic and welfare institution but also by its increasing importance as an arrangement for socializing and raising children and for the psychological support of adults. There has been a wide disintegration of large kin groups and an intensification of relationships within the nuclear family. Moreover, the world is seeing an increasing association of women with earning and out of home activities.

(a) present (synonym); (b) importance (synonym); (c) economic (synonym); (d) welfare (antonym); (e) increase (antonym); (f) arrangement (antonym); (g) raise (synonym); (h) support (synonym); (i) wide (antonym); (j) disintegration (antonym); (k) intensification (antonym); (l) relationship (synonym); (m) nuclear (antonym); (n) association (synonym).
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(a) current/modern; (b) significance; (c) financial; (d) evil/harm; (e) decrease/wane; (f) disorganization /disorder; (g) bring up; (h) help assistance; (i) contracted/narrow; (j) unification/combination/integration; (k) loosening/ moderation/weakening; (l) affair/ connection; (m) joint/extended; (n) cooperation/ involvement.

 32  Jatiyo Smriti Shoudho is the national monument of Bangladesh. It is the symbol of our freedom and the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country in 1971. The monument is located at Savar, Dhaka. It was designed by Syed Mainul Hossain. Plans for the monument were initiated in 1976. Following the site selection, road and land development, a nation-wide design competition was held in June, 1978. Following evaluation of the 57 submissions, Syed Mainul Hossain's design was chosen. The main structure and the artificial lake and other facilities were completed in 1982. It was inaugurated on 16 December 1982.

(a) national (antonym); (b) symbol (synonym); (c) freedom (antonym); (d) sake (synonym); (e) monument (synonym); (f) plan (synonym); (g) initiate (antonym); (h) competition (synonym); (i) evaluation (synonym); (j) submissions (synonym); (k) structure (synonym); (l) artificial (antonym); (m) completed (antonym); (n) inaugurated.
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(a) international; (b) emblem/token/sign; (c) bondage; (d) interest/cause; (e) memorial; (f) scheme/ project; (g) close/finish/complete; (h) contest; (i) assessment; (j) propositions/ proposals; (k) fabric/frame/shape; (l) natural; (m) unfinished/abandoned; (n) opened/initiated/launched.

 33  The tendency of modern civilization is to give prominence to city life. City life is replete with both advantages and disadvantages. It provides us with all that we want. All cities have good schools, colleges and universities and other educational institutions for imparting higher education in all branches and disciplines. The best possible medical colleges and hospitals are available in cities. A city provides better sanitation and a good supply of pure water to the citizens. All the roads are metalled and furnished with electric light. There are better facilities of transport and communication. There are also provisions for games and sports, amusements of different kinds for the recreation of the people.

(a) tendency (synonym); (b) prominence (synonym); (c) replete (antonym); (d) disadvantage (synonym); (e) impart (antonym); (f) disciplines (synonym); (g) available (antonym); (h) provide (antonym); (i) pure (antonym); (j) furnish (synonym); (k) facility (synonym); (l) provision (antonym); (m) amusement (antonym); (n) recreation (synonym).
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(a) trend/propensity; (b) importance/priority; (c) empty/devoid/deplete; (d) drawback; (e) suppress/obstruct; (f) subjects; (g) unavailable/rare; (h) lack; (i) contaminated; (j) provide/decorate; (k) opportunity; (l) limitation/restriction; (m) boredom; (n) entertainment.

 34  On a rainy day the sky remains overcast with clouds. The sun is not visible. It looks dull and dismal all around. It pours and drizzles continuously round the clock. Along with the sharp showers, thunder roars, lightning flashes and strong wind blows. Rivers, canals and tanks swell up; roads and paths get muddy and submerged; the pedestrians with umbrella overhead have to move with care and caution. All work remains practically suspended. Students cannot go to schools and colleges and the few who go become drenched and come back home shivering with a break-up on account of the rainy day. The labourers and day wage earners are hard hit on a rainy day.

(a) overcast (antonym); (b) visible (antonym); (c) dismal (antonym); (d) continuously (antonym); (e) sharp (antonym); (f) river (synonym); (g) tank (synonym); (h) submerge (synonym); (i) pedestrians (synonym); (j) suspend (antonym); (k) drenched (synonym); (l) shiver (synonym); (m) labourer (synonym); (n) hard (synonym).
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(a) clear; (b) invisible; (c) gay/delightful; (d) seldom/at intervals/sometimes/intermittently; (e) mild/light; (f) stream; (g) pond; (h) flood/inundate; (i) walkers/ passers-by; (j) continue; (k) wet; (l) shake/quiver; (m) worker; (n) difficult.

 35  Cultural assault means the intrusion of the foreign culture on the native culture. Cultural assault is considered to be harmful to the native culture. Foreign influence cannot be regarded as a cultural assault but the obscene film or drama or any other form of programme through satellite TV channel is termed as a cultural assault. By nature the teenaged girls and boys are impressionable. They are affected most because of cultural assault degrading their own tradition and heritage. The young boys and girls are fond of wearing jeans pant and shirt and prefer band music, which isn't harmonious with Bangladeshi culture. This is the result of foreign culture and tradition.

(a) assault (synonym); (b) intrusion (synonym); (c) foreign (antonym); (d) harmful (antonym); (e) influence (synonym); (f) regarded (synonym); (g) obscene (antonym); (h) form (synonym); (i) impressionable (synonym); (j) affect (synonym); (k) young (antonym); (l) wear (synonym); (m) prefer (antonym); (n) harmonious (antonym).
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(a) attack; (b) domination; (c) native; (d) beneficial; (e) impact; (f) considered; (g) decent (h) approach/method/style; (i) vulnerable; (j) influence; (k) adult; (l) put on; (m) decline; (n) inharmonious/discordant.

 36  Female education means education of women. Female education in Bangladesh is not satisfactory at all. In the past, there was a tradition among the people that women would live in the boundary of their houses and they would do only household work. At that time, women were deprived of the light of education. Even they could not move freely and could not participate in any voluntary work on account of social prejudices. But now this idea has changed but their fate is not fully changed. Gradually they are encouraged to study and admitted into schools, colleges and universities. The government has taken a new step to make the primary and secondary education free for the women.

(a) education (synonym); (b) satisfactory (antonym); (c) tradition (antonym); (d) boundary (synonym); (e) household (antonym); (f) deprive (antonym); (g) light (antonym); (h) participate (antonym); (i) voluntary (antonym); (j) prejudice (synonym); (k) idea (synonym); (l) gradually (synonym); (m) encourage (antonym); (n) free (synonym).
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(a) enlightenment/literacy; (b) unsatisfactory; (c) practice/custom; (d) precinct; (e) outdoor/out of home; (f) endow/entitle; (g) dark/darkness; (h) avoid; (i) involuntary; (j) bias/predisposition; (k) concept; (l) slowly/steadily; (m) dishearten; (n) gratis.

 37  Culture is the way of living. It includes taste, tradition, mentality, variety of professions of a particular group of people or a community or a race. Culture is actually the attitude that a civilized man takes to life and expresses and imbibes through art, music, literature. It is also a superior work of intellectuality and is regarded as a social distinction. At present there exists in the world two sharply distinguished cultures known as the Eastern culture and the Western culture. Eastern culture is based mainly on religions like Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. The followers of these religions are reluctant to do anything or to follow any other dictate, culture and instruction neglecting the dictates of these religions. The Western culture is individually oriented culture based on the individual's rights, needs, privileges, attitudes and ways of life having more scientific and materialistic notions.

(a) tradition (synonym); (b) profession (synonym); (c) particular (antonym); (d) community antonym); (e) civilized (antonym); (f) imbibe (antonym); (g) distinction (antonym); (h) distinguished (synonym); (i) mainly (synonym); (j) reluctant (antonym); (k) dictate (synonym); (l) neglect (synonym); (m) scientific (antonym); (n) materialistic (antonym).
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(a) custom/convention; (b) occupation; (c) universal; (d) individual; (e) rude/vulgar/uncultured; (f) reject; (g) insignificance; (h) outstanding/noteworthy; (i) predominantly; (j) inclined/eager/disposed; (k) command; (l) ignore; (m) unscientific; (n) spiritual.

 38  It is a universally accepted fact that a good teacher is an essential prerequisite for any system of education in any country of the world. Patience, wisdom, mutual understanding are the vital things that a good teacher needs. A teacher must be broad and patient in outlook so that his wisdom can be successfully absorbed by his students. A student is a novice, an apprentice. He may not understand something. The teacher through his tenacity will impress the student so that he can be enlightened by the light the teacher focuses on. The teacher must be well informed, well versed in the area that he deals with.

(a) universally (antonym); (b) accept (antonym); (c) essential (antonym); (d) system (synonym); (e) vital (antonym); (f) patient (antonym); (g) outlook (synonym); (h) wisdom (antonym); (i) absorb (antonym); (j) novice (antonym); (k) understand (synonym); (l) enlightened (synonym); (m) light (antonym); (n) focus (synonym).
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(a) narrowly; (b) refuse/reject; (c) inessential; (d) approach/type; (e) trivial/unnecessary/ unimportant; (f) restless/anxious; (g) view; (h) ignorance; (i) reject; (j) veteran; (k) realise/ comprehend; (l) illuminated; (m) darkness; (n) concentrate.

 39  Poverty alleviation is now a burning question all over the world. The statistical report says that nearly eighty percent people live in the vicious cycle of poverty in Bangladesh. Along with them are the slum dwellers living in the major cities of the country. With the passage of time the poor become poorer. The government have taken steps to alleviate poverty. But the outcome is as it is where it was. In fact, nothing has succeeded in alleviating poverty. Actually the government should take up a master plan to alleviate poverty. Poverty to the poor is a great bane. So a huge project should be chalked out to uproot poverty from the society.

(a) alleviation (antonym); (b) now (antonym); (c) nearly (synonym); (d) vicious (antonym); (e) poverty (antonym); (f) major (antonym); (g) steps (synonym); (h) alleviate (synonym); (i) outcome (synonym); (j) actually (synonym); (k) plan (synonym); (l) bane (antonym); (m) huge (antonym); (n) uproot (antonym).
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(a) intensification/aggravation; (b) then; (c) approximately/about/around; (d) kind/soft; (e) affluence; (f) minor; (g) measures; (h) lessen/ mitigate; (i) result; (j) indeed/really; (k) design/project; (l) blessing; (m) small; (n) sow/plant.

 40  Patriotism is love of one's country. It is one of the finest and noblest sentiments of the human heart. We can never be too grateful to the land where we are born. We get our food and drink from her. She supplies us with families, friends and acquaintances in order that we may live a civilized social life. Our education and culture also take their direction and form from her history. In short, everything we enjoy in life, everything that makes human existence superior to all other existences we owe to the land of our birth. This is why she is everywhere likened to the mother and is called motherland or mother country. In fact, the people of every civilized country are passionately devoted to their mother country and consider it an honour and a privilege if they can sacrifice their lives for her sake.

(a) Patriotism (antonym); (b) noble (antonym); (c) acquaintance (antonym); (d) civilized (synonym); (e) culture (antonym); (f) direction (synonym); (g) form (synonym); (h) existence (antonym); (i) birth (antonym); (j) passionately (antonym); (k) devoted (synonym); (l) honour (synonym); (m) privilege (antonym); (n) sacrifice (synonym).
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(a) treason; (b) ignoble/mean; (c) stranger; (d) refined; (e) barbarity; (f) guidance; (g) constitute/derive; (h) non-existence/ inexistence; (i) death; (j) apathetically/indifferently (k) dedicated; (l) respect/tribute; (m) disadvantage; (n) consecrate/dedicate.

 41  In Bangladesh, women constitute half of the total population. The majority of them are below the poverty line. It is said that women of our country are the poorest among the poor. It is true over the last few years they have become increasingly visible as providers of productive labour, but they are deprived of equal labour benefits. Women generally work longer hours than men, but they are paid less than men. Undoubtedly it is a heinous conspiracy to undervalue women's work and contribution to our society. Here the female domestic workers are treated brutally too! This under valuation not only reduces women's purchasing power but it also deprives them of legal rights. Thousands of girls here fall victim to dowry system. Their sufferings know no bounds.

(a) constitute (synonym); (b) below (antonym); (c) visible (antonym); (d) provider (synonym); (e) productive (antonym); (f) deprive (antonym); (g) conspiracy (synonym); (h) contribution (antonym); (i) domestic (synonym); (j) brutally (synonym); (k) purchase (antonym); (l) legal (antonym); (m) system (synonym); (n) bound (synonym).
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(a) comprise; (b) above; (c) invisible; (d) supplier; (e) unproductive/fruitless/useless; (f) endow/provide; (g) plot/intrigue; (h) retention; (i) household; (j) cruelly; (k) sell; (l) illegal; (m) practice/custom; (n) limit.

 42  Liberty does not descend upon a people, a people must raise themselves to it. It is a fruit that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. That freedom means only freedom from foreign domination is an outworn idea. It is not merely the government that should be free but people themselves should be free. And no freedom has any real value for the common man or woman unless it also means freedom from want, disease or ignorance.

(a) liberty (synonym); (b) descend (antonym); (c) raise (antonym); (d) earned (synonym); (e) enjoy (antonym); (f) freedom (synonym); (g) foreign (synonym); (h) domination (synonym); (i) outworn (antonym); (j) merely (synonym); (k) free (antonym); (l) real (antonym); (m) value (synonym); (n) disease (antonym).
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(a) freedom; (b) ascend; (c) drop/lower; (d) achieved; (e) hate/loathe; (f) liberty/independence; (g) alien; (h) tyranny/control; (i) fresh; (j) simply/ only; (k) captive/chained; (l) unreal/artificial (m) cost/worth; (n) ease.

 43  Answer to the questions in the examination should be to the point. You should not enlarge your answer unnecessarily. When you write prompt ideas, you can shorten your sentences. Unnecessary exaggeration of the answer is deliberately wastage of time. This sort of answer displeases the examiners and they get irritated and do not want to give high marks.

(a) question (antonym); (b) examination (synonym); (c) enlarge (synonym); (d) unnecessarily (antonym); (e) prompt (synonym); (f) shorten (antonym); (g) exaggeration (synonym); (h) deliberately synonym); (i) wastage (synonym); (j) sort (synonym); (k) displease (antonym); (l) examiner (antonym); (m) irritated (antonym); (n) high (antonym).
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(a) answer/response/solution; (b) test; (c) lengthen/ extend/ expand increase/ mount/ escalate/ accelerate; (d) necessarily/inevitably/unavoidably; (e) quick/ready; (f) lengthen/ enlarge/elongate; (g) overstatement/hyperbole/elongation/extension; (h) intentionally/willingly; (i) loss; (j) kind/type; (k) please; (l) examinee; (m) pleased; (n) low.

 44  Bangladesh, comparatively, has a very low labour cost which gives the garments' owner high profit with low cost. The workers are not dissatisfied with the payment. They are also provided with food and extra money occasionally. This makes the workers more dedicated towards the work which subsequently gives more products in less time. Apart from the low cost, Bangladeshi garments have always manufactured high quality products. One reason might be the abundance of cotton in our country. The threads used by the garments are very good in quality and come in a very reasonable price and so the products manufactured by the garments are very rich quality.

(a) comparatively (synonym); (b) labour (synonym); (c) profit (antonym); (d) low (antonym); (e) dissatisfied (synonym); (f) provide (synonym); (g) extra (synonym); (h) occasionally (antonym); (i) products (synonym); (j) always (antonym); (k) abundance (synonym); (l) garments (synonym); (m) reasonable (antonym); (n) rich (antonym).
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(a) relatively; (b) work; (c) loss; (d) high; (e) discontented; (f) supply; (g) additional; (h) always; (i) goods/commodity; (j) never; (k) plentifulness/profusion; (l) manufacturer; (m) unreasonable (n) poor/low.

 45  There have been many significant changes in the forms of entertainment over time. Many of the older forms no longer exist today. Even if they do, people keep looking for newer forms. Thus our traditional entertaining forms are gradually disappearing for they are losing their appeal. We know, change is the go of the day. So changes are obvious in our foods and clothes as well. Our sports have also experienced a noteworthy change of our taste. Football which was once the most popular spectator sports in Bangladesh is yielding place to cricket.

(a) significant (synonym); (b) forms (synonym); (c) older (antonym); (d) exist (antonym); (e) traditional (antonym); (f) gradually (synonym); (g) disappearing (synonym); (h) appeal (synonym); (i) go (synonym); (j) change (synonym); (k) obvious (antonym); (l) noteworthy (antonym); (m) taste (antonym); (n) popular (antonym).
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(a) important; (b) types/patterns; (c) newer; (d) die/disappear; (e) unusual/modern; (f) steadily/ slowly; (g) vanishing; (h) attraction/interest; (i) fashion; (j) transformation; (k) obscure; (l) ordinary/ unimportant; (m) distaste; (n) unpopular.

 46  Many of us criticize the world for many things. We curse and blame the things in our surroundings and never understand that we need a change in us. Changes are inevitable in the world, and the changes should start from us. We cannot or should not force others to make a change. Our single effort for the change will have enormous effect on the whole world if all are added together. Therefore, we should not bother about the amount of change brought about by us. Rather, we should carry on our effort and never give up under any circumstances. This small effort will every single person will stand as a great change in the end. Then the change will be visible to all. But, no one will understand the personal contribution to the change.

(a) criticize (antonym); (b) curse (antonym); (c) blame (synonym); (d) inevitable (antonym); (e) force (synonym); (f) effort (synonym); (g) enormous (antonym); (h) together (antonym); (i) brother (antonym); (j) change (antonym); (k) carry (synonym); (l) circumstances (synonym); (m) visible (antonym); (n) personal (synonym).
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(a) praise; (b) boon; (c) accuse; (d) uncertain/avoidable; (e) compel; (f) endeavour; (g) little; (h) alone; (i) soothe/please; (j) constancy/stability; (k) continue; (l) situations; (m) invisible; (n) individual.

 47  Honesty is undoubtedly a great virtue. A person who is honest is respected everywhere. Sometimes, he has to go through difficulty due to the pressure created by the crooked fellows who want to see the honest man on his knee. But the reward ultimately comes for an honest person. So, we should follow the path of honesty in our words and action.

(a) undoubtedly (synonym); (b) virtue (antonym); (c) respected (synonym); (d) everywhere (antonym); (e) difficulty (antonym); (f) pressure (synonym); (g) created (synonym); (h) crooked (antonym); (i) reward (synonym); (j) ultimately (synonym); (k) follow (antonym); (l) honesty (antonym); (m) words (synonym); (n) action (synonym).
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(a) surely/certainly/definitely; (b) vice; (c) honoured; (d) nowhere; (e) ease/comfort; (f) burden; (g) caused/incurred/ enforced/made; (h) honest/good/sane; (i) recognition/ praise/admiration eventually; (k) avoid/shun; (l) dishonesty; (m) speeches/ conversations; (n) work/deed/ dealings.

 48  Bangladesh is already experiencing the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change. This is leaving very dangerous impacts on human beings. Summers are becoming hotter and the monsoon is irregular. There are untimely heavy rainfalls causing water logging and landslides. Among other floods, river erosion, crop damage due to drought, prolonged cold spells, salinity of water in the coastal areas, etc. of climate change are frequent. It has already started bringing damages and disasters to Bangladesh. We remember such damages and disasters caused by the Aila in 2009. Climate change victims are increasing in number everyday. The number of families and villages that lose their homes permanently to rivers every year is one of the highest in Bangladesh. An increasing number of those are suffering damage or loss to their property and sometime life due to disasters caused by climate change.

(a) adverse (antonym); (b) impacts (synonym); (c) dangerous (synonym); (d) human (antonym); (e) irregular (antonym); (f) untimely (antonym); (g) heavy (antonym); (h) prolong (synonym); (i) frequent (synonym); (j) remember (antonym); (k) victim (synonym); (l) increasing (antonym); (m) permanent (synonym); (n) property (synonym).
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(a) favourable; (b) effects; (c) fearful; (d) inhuman; (e) regular (f) timely; (g) light; (h) extend/lengthen; (i) recurrent/constant; (j) forget; (k) prey; (l) decreasing; (m) continual/lasting; (n) resource.

 49  Rabindranath Tagore showed his literary genius at his very boyhood. At the age of 17, he was sent to London for higher education. At the very beginning London made a poor impression on him. Later he joined London University and often visited the House of Parliament for listening to Gladstone and John Bright's debates on Irish Home Rule. At the later stage, he admired the western culture and for this reason he was called back to India.

(a) genius (synonym); (b) send (antonym); (c) higher (antonym); (d) begin (antonym); (e) poor (antonym); (f) impression (synonym); (g) later (antonym); (h) join (antonym); (i) often (synonym); (j) listening (antonym); (k) debate (synonym); (l) admire (antonym); (m) western (synonym); (n) reason (synonym).
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(a) intelligence; (b) refrain/receive; (c) lower; (d) end; (e) good/excellent; (f) image; (g) earlier; (h) leave; (i) regularly/ frequently; (j) speaking; (k) dispute; (l) dislike/criticise; (m) occidental; (n) cause.

 50  Our freedom fighters are the real heroes of our country. We should remember them as they scarified their lives for the cause of motherland. It is a matter of great regret that most of them are neglected and our young generation does not know about their valiant struggle. Yet today many of the real freedom fighters have not been found out and established. Most of them lead a very poor life. The authority should take proper step to enlist them and give them right honour.

(a) fighters (synonym); (b) heroes (antonym); (c) remember (antonym); (d) sacrifice (synonym); (e) matter (synonym); (f) regret (synonym); (g) neglected (synonym); (h) valiant (antonym); (i) many (antonym); (j) real (antonym); (k) established (antonym); (l) poor (synonym); (m) proper (synonym); (n) honour (synonym).
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(a) warriors; (b) cowards; (c) forget; (d) dedicate; (e) subject; (f) sorrow; (g) ignored; (h) cowardly/timid; (i) few; (j) fake/bogus/unreal; (k) vulnerable; (l) destitute; (m) appropriate; (n) respect/dignity.

 51  Rivers are one of the most useful and wonderful gifts of nature. And Bangladesh has been adorned generously with a great number of rivers. From time immemorial, these rivers, have been flowing over our country graciously, making her a land of rivers. Rivers have immense influence on our economy, culture and prosperity, no doubt.

(a) useful (synonym); (b) wonderful (antonym); (c) gift (antonym); (d) adorned (synonym); (e) generously (antonym); (f) great (synonym); (g) immemorial (antonym); (h) over (synonym); (i) graciously (synonym); (j) land (synonym); (k) immense (antonym); (l) influence (synonym); (m) prosperity (antonym); (n) doubt (antonym).
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(a) helpful/necessary; (b) ordinary; (c) reprimand; (d) decorated; (e) meanly; (f) large/big; (g) recent /present; (h) throughout; (i) kindly/favourably; (j) country; (k) little/insignificant; (l) impact/ effect/contribution; (m) backwardness/ poverty; (n) trust/belief/certainty/surety.

 52  Email has become the most popular mode of communication. It reduces consumption of paper. It improves office efficiency also. It is cheaper than telephone call. For an email communication, the presence of the recipient is not necessary. It has greatly helped flourish trade and commerce. It has, however, not reached everyone especially in the developing countries like ours, as most people cannot afford to have a personal computer. But people here started using commercially operated email facilities for important purposes.

(a) popular (synonym); (b) communication (antonym); (c) reduce (synonym); (d) consumption (synonym); (e) improve (antonym); (f) efficiency (synonym); (g) cheaper (antonym); (h) presence (antonym); (i) recipient (synonym); (i) greatly (synonym); (k) flourish (antonym); (l) afford (synonym); (m) personal (synonym); (n) facilities (antonym).
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(a) favourite; (b) disconnection; (c) decrease; (d) exhaustion; (e) hinder/hamper; (f) competence; (g) costlier; (h) absence; (i) receiver; (j) immensely/enormously; (k) decline; (l) manage; (m) private; (n) disadvantages.

 53  Robert Bruce was a famous king. Enemies invaded his kingdom. The king fought bravely but lost the battle. He had to flee from his kingdom to his life. He took shelter in a remote cave. The king was always in a gloomy state for his unhappy condition. Once he was lying in the cave. Then he saw spider trying hard to reach the ceiling of the cave. The spider failed again and again to succeed. But it did not give up hope. Bruce saw the spider climb to the ceiling after some unsuccessful attempts. This dauntless spider inspired Bruce to shake off the darkness of the despair. He gathered an army of strong men and attacked his enemies. The enemies courted defeat and Robert Bruce regained his kingdom.

(a) famous (antonym); (b) invaded (synonym); (c) bravely (synonym); (d) lost (synonym); (e) kingdom (synonym); (f) remote (antonym); (g) gloomy (antonym); (h) cave (synonym); (i) failed (antonym); (j) climb (synonym); (k) attempts (synonym); (l) dauntless (antonym); (m) despair (antonym); (n) defeat (antonym).
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(a) notorious; (b) attacked; (c) heroically/courageously; (d) defeated; (e) country/state; (f) nearby (g) cheerful; (h) den; (i) succeeded; (j) scale; (k) endeavours; (l) timid/cowardly; (m) hopefulness/optimism; (n) victory.

 54  Bangladesh is prone to natural disaster. She is affected by various natural calamities almost every year. It seems that these natural calamities are daily companions of Bangladesh. For this reason Bangladesh is called the land of natural calamities. Floods, cyclones, drought, erosion, excessive rainfall are the common natural calamities in our country. The affected people suffer in many ways. They, become homeless and take shelter on house roofs, trees, boats and embankments. Their miseries continue even after the natural calamity ends.

(a) prone (synonym); (b) natural (antonym); (c) affected (synonym); (d) various (synonym); (e) every (synonym); (f) seem (synonym); (g) calamity (synonym); (h) common (antonym); (i) suffer (synonym); (j) shelter (synonym); (k) misery (antonym); (l) continue (antonym); (m) after (antonym); (n) end (antonym).
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(a) liable; (b) artificial; (c) victimized; (d) different; (e) each; (f) appear; (g) disaster; (h) uncommon/ rare; (i) endure/ bear; (j) refuge; (k) happiness/joy; (l) discontinue; (m) before; (n) begin/start/commence.

 55  To forgive an injury is often considered to be the sign of weakness. It is really a sign of strength. It is easy to allow one to be carried away by resentment and hatred into the act of vengeance but it takes strong character to restrain these natural passions. The man who forgives an injury, proves himself to be a superior to the man who wronged him and puts the wrongdoer to shame. Forgiveness may even turn a foe into a friend. So, mercy is the noblest form of revenge.

(a) forgive (synonym); (b) considered (antonym); (c) sign (synonym); (d) allow (antonym); (e) resentment (synonym); (f) vengeance (synonym); (g) character (synonym); (h) restrain (synonym); (i) passions (antonym); (j) injury (synonym); (k) superior (antonym); (l) foe (antonym); (m) mercy (antonym); (n) revenge (synonym).
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(a) pardon; (b) disregarded/ignored; (c) symbol; (d) obstruct/deny/disallow; (e) anger/hatred; (f) revenge/retaliation; (g) mentality/ spirit; (h) control; (i) apathy/indifference; (j) damage/harm; (k) inferior; (l) friend; (m) cruelty; (n) vengeance.

 56  Dowry system is a curse in our social life. This system is very harmful to the society. Many innocent women fall victim to dowry system and their lives become miserable. This dowry system has been prevalent for many years among the Hindus. The Hindu women cannot inherit their paternal property. That's why, cash money, various ornaments, goods, dresses etc. are given in their marriage ceremony. This evil tradition is getting established in Muslim society day by day. Many men marry women for the greed of their property and if they are unable to get these, they torture women. Many times, as a consequence of this, the girls take the way of suicide or they are killed by their cruel husbands or the in-laws.

(a) system (synonym); (b) curse (antonym); (c) harmful (synonym); (d) innocent (antonym); (e) victim (synonym); (f) miserable (synonym); (g) prevalent (antonym); (h) inherit (antonym); (i) paternal (antonym); (j) marriage (synonym); (k) evil (antonym); (l) greed (synonym); (m) unable (antonym); (n) cruel (synonym).
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(a) custom/practice; (b) blessing; (c) detrimental/destructive; (d) sinful/guilty; (e) prey; (f) pitiful/pitiable; (g) non-existent/extinct; (h) disinherit; (i) maternal; (j) matrimony/wedding; (k) good; (l) voracity/temptation; (m) able/successful; (n) unkind.

 57  To err is human. But forgetfulness is a kind of problem. It develops with your age. Senility is the reason behind this. Sometimes it originates from your sense of indifference to the things you get out memory. Unwillingness to keep something in memory also makes you forget something rapidly. It is good to be absent-minded. But repetition may prevent forgetfulness.

(a) err (synonym); (b) forgetfulness (synonym); (c) kind (synonym); (d) develop (synonym); (e) senility (synonym); (f) originates (synonym); (g) indifference (antonym); (h) get (antonym); (i) unwillingness (antonym); (j) forget (synonym); (k) rapidly (antonym); (l) absent-minded (synonym); (m) repetition (synonym); (n) prevent (antonym).
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(a) mistake; (b) oblivion/absent-mindedness; (c) sort/type; (d) progress; (e) feebleness/old age (f) emerge/derive; (g) attention; (h) lose; (i) willingness; (j) remember; (k) slowly; (l) forgetful/indifferent; (m) reiteration; (n) accelerate/ promote/allow.

 58  Newspaper is a blessing of modern civilization. Newspaper provides us with the news and views of the whole world. It carries the news of every important happening from any corner of the world and takes before us. That is why it is called the mirror of the world. It gives us general knowledge and allows us to maintain contact with the outside world. It makes us a member of the enlightened society. A man who does not read the newspaper daily has a very little knowledge of the world. He lives in a very small world of his own. So, we must form the habit of reading newspaper daily. But, we should keep in mind that different newspapers publish news and views from different angles. It is our duty to keep an open mind and accept the right one.

(a) blessing (synonym); (b) modern (antonym); (c) provide (synonym); (d) views (synonym); (e) whole (antonym); (f) important (antonym); (g) before (antonym); (h) contact (synonym); (i) enlightened (antonym); (j) form (synonym); (k) publish (synonym); (l) angles (synonym); (m) accept (antonym); (n) right (antonym).
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(a) boon; (b) ancient; (c) give; (d) opinions; (e) partial; (f) unimportant; (g) behind; (h) communication; (i) ignorant; (j) develop/make/cultivate; (k) print/propagate; (l) viewpoints/perspectives; (m) reject; (n) wrong.

 59  Fate plays an important role in the life of the poor and general people alike. They take it as the moderator of their lives. They accept their poverty and suffering in the name of fate. They firmly believe that poverty and disease are destined by God. Finally, they console themselves by saying they will be rewarded in the next world and do not try much to change their lot.

(a) important (synonym); (b) poor (antonym); (c) alike (antonym); (d) take (antonym); (e) accept (antonym); (f) suffering (synonym); (g) fate (synonym); (h) firmly (antonym); (i) believe (antonym); (j) destined (synonym); (k) console (synonym); (l) rewarded (synonym); (m) try (synonym); (n) change (synonym).
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(a) significant; (b) rich; (c) differently/dissimilarly; (d) give; (e) reject; (f) misery/trouble; (g) destiny/lot; (h) waveringly/meekly; (i) disbelieve; (j) predetermined; (k) solace/soothe; (l) awarded/remunerated; (m) attempt; (n) transform/alter.

 60  The alarming and incessant growth of population is causing serious economic problems in almost every continent. Great pressure is being placed on arable land, water, energy and biological resources. As the world population grows, the food problem will become increasingly severe. The most vulnerable will be population in developing countries. The per capita availability of food grains has been declining for the past 25 years. Certainly with a quarter million people being added to the world population each day, the need for grains and all other food will reach unprecedented level.

(a) alarming (antonym); (b) incessant (synonym); (c) serious (antonym); (d) pressure (synonym); (e) arable (synonym); (f) biological (antonym); (g) problem (antonym); (h) vulnerable (synonym); (i) developing (antonym); (j) availability (antonym); (k) declining (antonym); (l) certainly (synonym); (m) added (antonym); (n) unprecedented (synonym).
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(a) encouraging; (b) continuous; (c) trivial/petty; (d) burden; (e) cultivable; (f) non-biological; (g) solution; (h) unprotected/undefended/susceptible; (i) degrading; (j) scarcity; (k) increasing rising; (l) definitely surely; (m) subtracted/deducted; (n) exceptional/ unparalleled.

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