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Dialogue about how to remove illiteracy from your country

Suppose, you are Labib or Lovely and your friend is Nishat/Nishitha. Your friend is frustrated about the literacy rate of Bangladesh.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about how to remove illiteracy from our country.

Nishitha : Hi, Lovely! It’s a long time since we met. How’re you?

Lovely : I’m fine. And, you?

Nishitha : I’m so so. But I’m thinking seriously about a problem.

Lovely : What’s it about?

Nishitha : It’s about illiteracy problem of Bangladesh.

Lovely : Yes, undoubtedly it’s a big problem. But we have some ways to solve it.

Nishitha : How?

Lovely : Our government should take some steps to eradicate it. Education should be made free to all and it should be made compulsory.

Nishitha : Is it possible for government alone?

Lovely : The literate people should also help the government.

Nishitha : I also think so. But our country is poor. What will the poor section do?

Lovely : In this case, food for education programme should be commenced and the poor should be encouraged to come to school.

Nishitha : We can also help them. In our leisure, we can also teach and encourage the illiterate people to be educated.

Lovely : Good idea. So, from now, we can do it. It is the right time.

Nishitha : Exactly. Let’s try.


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