Dialogue about merits and demerits of watching television

Suppose, you are Habib/Habiba. One of your friends is Amin/Amina.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the merits and demerits of watching television.

Habiba : Hey, what’re you doing?

Amina : I’m trying to write an article on merits and demerits of watching television. Can you help me, please?

Habiba : Yes, of course. Television is a great medium of recreation. It gives us pleasure and removes boredom.

Amina : Yes, you’re right! I may also add that when we watch news on television, we get to know the happenings in and around the world. Some people also use television for distance learning as well. In this way, we get benefitted by watching television.

Habiba : But it has a number of demerits, too.

Amina : Right! Can you tell me some points in this regard?

Habiba : Watching television for a long time can irritate eyes. It may also cause sleep difficulties, behaviour problems, lower grades, and other health issues. Besides, watching violent, aggressive, criminal, sexual programmes, children may go astray.

Amina : That's a good point.

Habiba : Hmm. I’ve seen a good number of children who spend their time watching television all day long and waste their valuable time. As a result, they cannot make good results in exams.

Amina : Yes, television addiction is a great problem of modern generation. Anyway, thanks very much for giving me such valuable information.

Habiba : You’re welcome.


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