Letter to pen-friend describing climatic condition of your country

Imagine that you have a penfriend named Jane who lives at 39 Opera House Road, Sydney, Australia. You and your penfriend exchange letters every now and then. In one of her letters she wants you to write about the climatic condition of your country.

Now, write a letter to her describing the climatic condition of your country.

101, New Road, Kushtia, Bangladesh
18 April 2020

Dear Jane,
I received your last letter in time. I am sorry that I could not reply in time as I was busy with my exams. In your letter, you have asked me to write to you about the climate of our country. I am now going to write to you about our climate condition.

You know that Bangladesh is a tropical country. It has a moderate climate. The climate is greatly influenced by the monsoon which is a seasonal wind that blows in from the Bay of Bengal from the south-west over our country and parts of India from April to October. This wind brings heavy rainfall which sometimes causes floods. Crops are damaged, houses and trees are wiped out. Men and property are washed away. Our winter is often rainless and dry which brings a bad harvest. Then we are left to the mercy of Nature. Our climate in neither too hot nor too cold. If possible, please visit our country.

Sincerely yours,


  1. সাব্বাস ভাইগনা সাব্বাস তোরে দিয়াই দেশ উন্নত হবে।

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