Letter to younger brother to give up bad habit

Suppose, you are Fatema. Your younger brother Ratan is drug-addicted.

Now, write a letter to your brother advising him to give up the bad habit.

119, Station Road, Rangpur
18 May 2020

Dear Ratan,
Your letter is just to hand. I have just learnt that you are facing some mental problems. In your letter, you have confessed that you have been drug addicted for a month. Some of your bad friends are responsible for this. Really, I am very shocked at the news. You should remember that it is a very dangerous habit. It has a number of bad effects. It will ruin your life. You cannot continue your studies, let alone good results. It is seriously injurious to health. Your body will lose strength. Ultimately, you will go mad. Every day your demand for drugs will increase. Drug addiction does not consider one’s ability. When you are unable to afford to buy drugs. So, it is a social crime as well as financial loss.

I advise you to make up your mind to give up this bad habit as soon as possible. You must avoid bad company you are keeping. You must follow the teachings of Islam and rectify yourself. I am sure, you being intelligent and rational enough, will easily realize the negative aspects of drug addiction and will leave it out spontaneously.

Your loving sister,
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