Paragraph : The Wheel

Write a paragraph about 'The Wheel' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. How is science important for us?
  2. What is the greatest invention of modern science?
  3. What is the history behind the invention of wheel?
  4. Why is wheel needed in our life?
  5. How does a wheel work?
  6. How is wheel connected with our modern civilization?
  7. Who first made the wheel with spokes?

The Wheel

Present age is the age of science. We cannot imagine anything without science because science has changed the life of human beings by inventing different things. Wheel is one of them. It is the greatest invention of modern civilization. But the wheel which we see in modern times bears a long history. At first, the spoked wheel for the chariot was invented in the Middle Bronze Age. Later in the course of time, the spoked wheel is turned into developed one. Now, it is a circular object. It can rotate around its axis and help easy movement of things across a surface. The wheels are needed everywhere. They are on our cars, trains, planes and so on. Fans, propellers, turbines etc. are also other types of wheels. So the wheel is very important. We cannot do without wheels. The invention of the wheel has helped create a new civilization. At first, this wheel was made by the Mesopotamians in 3,500 BC. They first made wheels with spokes. However, the wheel is the most important invention of modern civilization.
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