Paragraph : River Gypsies

Write a paragraph about 'River Gypsies' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. Who are river gypsies?
  2. What is their own lifestyle and culture?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. How do they earn their livelihood?
  5. What do the male gypsies do?
  6. What do people believe them to have?
  7. What problem do they face?

River Gypsies

River gypsies are a part of ethnic group in our country. Generally, they are known as bedey, to local people. They have their own lifestyle and culture. They live in groups and have no own land. They travel from one place to another and live in different places. They roam across our rivers and waters from May to December with small boats. Boats are their houses. They are the part of water. When the water of the river dries up, they go to their mainland and live there. During the monsoon, they remain busy fishing. They collect natural pearls from water. Men catch snakes and entertain people with snake charming and sell herbal cures. They have magical power. Many people believe it. They have some problems. First, Bangladesh is being urbanized very rapidly. They are losing their customers in urban population. Many of them are changing their lifestyle with the passage of time. Traditionally, they are used to living in water.
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