Dialogue about necessity of wearing mask

Suppose, Abrar is your younger brother.

Now, write a dialogue between you and Abrar about the necessity of wearing mask concerning coronavirus.

Myself : Hey, where are you going, Abrar?

Abrar : I’m going to the pharmacy down the street. Mother has asked for some medicines.

Myself : Okay, but why aren’t you wearing a mask?

Abrar : Because I feel suffocated in the mask. I don’t like it.

Myself : Well, you have to get used to it.

Abrar : Why? What’s so important about it?

Myself : Wearing a mask can protect you from the droplets carrying coronavirus. You know coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes or talks. If you somehow inhale the air containing the virus, you will get the virus too.

Abrar : So, you mean the mask will prevent me from inhaling the virus? It sounds fair.

Myself : Moreover, the mask also prevents an infected person from spreading the virus. So, a mask can check the spread of the virus in both ways.

Abrar : I see. That’s great!

Myself : Never neglect to wear a mask when you go outside. You must not remove your mask unnecessarily while you’re outside. It doesn’t ensure a complete protection, but it surely minimizes the risk.

Abrar : Oh, okay! I’ll wear a mask now. Thanks for the explanation.

Myself : Anytime, dear!
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