Dialogue with sibling on staying at home and maintaining social distancing during COVID-19 pandemic

Write a dialogue between you and your younger brother about the importance of staying at home and maintaining social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simin : Shafi, where are you going?

Shafi : I’m going outside to get some fresh air. I feel bored at home.

Simin : That’s insane! Don’t you know that it’s not safe to go out now? The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing. You shouldn’t go outside unless it’s an emergency.

Shafi : How long! We don’t know exactly when the pandemic will come to an end. I can’t remain trapped at home all the time!

Simin : You have to! You have to maintain home quarantine and social distancing.

Shafi : What are home quarantine and social distancing, sister?

Simin : They mean staying at home and avoiding social gathering and face to face social interactions like casual meetings. You can’t attend any social parties or occasions.

Shafi : But why?

Simin : Listen! Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes. If you somehow inhale the air containing the virus, you will get the virus too. Then, you will bring the virus home, and we all will be affected by COVID-19.

Shafi : I never thought about it!

Simin : Also, you can get affected through touch. So, it’s safe at home.

Shafi : OK. I won’t go outside unless it’s necessary.

Simin : Thanks for understanding.
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