Letter to friend about experience to visited a particular place

Imagine, you have visited a particular place.

Write a letter to your friend about your experience.

Agrabad, Chattogram

2 February 2020

Dear Sujan,
I have not heard from you for a pretty long time. I hope that you are passing your days happily. Last week, I along with my friends and family members visited Bagerhat, a great historical place. Here I am giving you an idea about my visit.

We started our journey from Chattogram by coaster. It took us six hours to reach Khulna. From Khulna, we again started for the historical Shatgambuj Mosque at Bagerhat. First, we visited the mazar of great saint Khan Jahan Ali and saw the crocodiles in the adjacent Darga Dighi. From there, we went to the Shat Gambuj Mosque. We went round the ancient mosque and offered Johar Prayer there. Then we visited the historical dighi known as Ghora Dighi. We were really stunned to witness the architectural design of the mosque. We had our prepared lunch on the mosque compound and returned to our house safe and sound. In fact, the memory of the area still haunts me.

No more today. With best wishes,

Yours ever,
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