Dialogue with doctor over phone about your treatment of COVID-19

Suppose, you have been tested positive for COVID-19, but you’re staying at home as your condition is not critical.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your doctor over the phone about the treatment of COVID-19 at home.

Myself : Hello! Good morning, doctor!

Doctor : Good morning! How can I help you?

Myself : Well, I’ve been tested positive for COVID-19 and now staying in isolation at home. As I cannot come to you in person, I’ve called you to know how I can get well soon.

Doctor : Oh! Don’t worry, Kabir. You’re a strong boy and have a strong immunity. You’ll definitely beat COVID-19.

Myself : Do I need any medicine, doctor?

Doctor : If you have fever above 100 degrees, take Paracetamols. For cough, you can take cough syrup. I’ll prescribe some vitamins as well. Vitamins D and C will boost your immunity.

Myself : Alright. I feel so weak and have lost the appetite and sense of smell too.

Doctor : You have to eat nutritious food and fruits. Drink a lot of fluid too. Do some light exercise and don’t lie on your back. And you’ll regain the sense of smell when you get better.

Myself : OK. Anything else I need to do?

Doctor : Yes, stay in isolation until your test result comes negative. Don’t share dishes, cups, utensils, towels, or bedding with anyone else. And don’t lose heart. Mental strength is also important for the recovery.

Myself : Thanks fro your time, doctor.

Doctor : You’re welcome. If your symptoms get worse, call me right away or move to a hospital. Take care.
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