Letter to someone to share terrible experience after recovering COVID-19

Suppose, one of your close relatives was tested positive for COVID-19. However, he has recovered now.

Now, write a letter to your friend sharing with him/her the terrible experience you have gone through.

14/C, Laxmibazar
Sutrapur, Dhaka
4 July 2020

Dear Arohi,
How’re you? I hope you’re safe from COVID-19. We’re well now but we went through a terrible situation few days ago. It’s because my uncle was tested positive for COVID-19.

It all began when my uncle returned from the USA. At the quarantine camp, he was tested positive for COVID-19. When his health condition worsened, he was taken to the ICU in the hospital. We panicked that we might lose him. This critical situation was turned into a nightmare by our neighbours. They spread a rumour that we, the other family members, had the disease too. They were telling people that our house was being haunted by the corona-virus and whoever came to our house would die. We’re almost abandoned and excluded from the society. We couldn’t even go out to buy daily necessities and medicines. Most inhumanely, people didn’t want to sell things to us. We were taunted and humiliated. We didn’t get any mental support from anybody when it was the most essential thing. Anyway, my uncle has now fully recovered by the grace of the Almighty. But the memory of those days still haunts us.

No more today. Please, keep us in your prayer. Give my best regards to your parents and stay safe and sound.

Yours ever,


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