Dialogue about sharing experience after tested positive for COVID-19

You have come to know that your friend Sajid / Sneha has tested positive for COVID-19 and is undergoing treatment at home.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about his/her experience.

Myself : Hello! Am I speaking to Sneha?

Sneha : Yes, is it Maria?

Myself : Hmm. Mitul has told me that you have been tested positive for COVID-19. Is it true?

Sneha : Unfortunately, yes.

Myself : Oh! How’re you doing now, my friend?

Sneha : I’m much better now. I’ll do another test the day after tomorrow.

Myself : That;s great! Could you please share your experience with me?

Sneha : Of course. Few days ago, I had fever and sore throat. Then, the fever increased and the pain in my throat became even more intense. I also lost my sense of smell and appetite. I became weak and was coughing severely. I also felt breathing difficulties.

Myself : Oh! You went through so much pain! Did you panic when you found yourself COVID-19 positive?

Sneha : Yeah, it was very frightening for me. It shocked the whole family. But my parents were there right beside me. They gave me confidence and helped me get through this. They helped me follow the doctor’s guidelines properly.

Myself : Well, I wish your fastest recovery.

Sneha : Thanks so much. Try to stay safe.

Myself : I will. Take care of yourself. Bye.

Sneha : Bye.
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