Dialogue with friend to help in attending classes on online platform

Suppose, your school has recently started online classes. One of your friends is having difficulty in attending the online classes as he/she is new to the platform of Zoom or Google Meet. He/she seeks your help.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend based on the situation.

Toma : Hi, Tonni! Why do you look so worried?

Tonni : Well, I’ve missed a few online classes that started last week.

Toma : I’ve noticed. But what’s the reason?

Tonni : It’s because I don’t know how to use Zoom or Google Meet. I’ve never used any of the apps before. My father has bought me a smart phone. But still I’m not being able to use any of the apps. Could you please help me?

Toma : Sure! First, download the Zoom app and register to it with your email address. Then, provide your email address to the teacher. Whenever the teacher sends you the meeting link to your email, just click on it and join the class.

Tonni : Oh, it's pretty simple! I think I’ll be able to use it now. How about google Meet?

Toma : It’s even easier. All you need is a Gmail account! Then, give the email address to the teacher. Whenever the teacher adds you to the meeting, you’ll get a notification. You can easily join the class going to the link.

Tonni : Thanks, Toma! You’ve been a great help!

Toma : Anytime! See you later then.

Tonni : OK. Bye. Take care!
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