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Letter to friend about importance of washing hands and wearing mask

Suppose, you are Megh/Meghla. Your friend, Nadim/Nadia wanted to know about the importance of washing hands and wearing a mask.

Now, write a letter to your friend telling him/her the importance of washing hands and wearing a mask.

145/9 Kazla
Jatrabari, Dhaka
4 July 2020

Dear Nadia,
Hope you're fine. I've just received your letter in which you wanted to know the importance of washing hands and wearing a mask.

You know coronavirus primarily spreads through close contact with the infected persons. The virus actually comes out in droplets through the mouth and nose of an infected person when he coughs, sneezes or talks. If you inhale those respiratory droplets containing the virus, you will get the disease. Again, the coronavirus may sit on the surface of an object. When you touch that object, the virus can transmit to your hand. Later on, if you touch your face with hand, the virus will get into your body and infect you. So, to avoid this kind of infection, you have to wear masks and wash your hands properly. Washing hands and wearing masks are two of the preventive measures. If you wear a mask, you will not inhale respiratory droplets directly. Masks prevent the virus from entering your lungs. When you wash your hands with soap and clean running water, the virus will be destroyed. You may also use hand sanitizers or hand rubs instead of soap and water. All these measures will keep you safe from getting the disease.

No more today. I hope you understand the importance of washing hands and wearing a mask.

Yours ever,

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