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Letter about importance of co-curricular activities in later life

Suppose, you are Sameen/Elma. Shabab/Samia is your younger brother/sister who reads in a reputed school. S/He cuts a good figure in every examination but does not participate in any co-curricular activities of school.

Now, write a letter to your younger brother/sister describing the importance of co-curricular activities in later life

35, College Road, Bogura
20 February 2020

My dear Samia,
Received your letter day before yesterday. Since I was extremely busy with some important domestic matters, I am a bit late to reply you. Today I shall highlight the significance of co-curricular activities in later life.

I have come to learn that you are averse to co-curricular activities and do not participate in them. This is not desirable. Remember, every coin has two sides and both sides are important. Similarly, academic activities and co-curricular activities are two sides of our life. So, to shine in life two sides should be paid equal importance. You do well in your examination. It is undoubtedly good, but your overall life is incomplete without co-curricular activities. Hope, you have understood me. So, please take part in co-curricular activities regularly as you did earlier.

Please convey my regards to mother and affection to Himi.

Your brother

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