Composition : Green Revolution

Green Revolution

The green revolution is actually the process of increasing agricultural production by using modern machines. It is the way toward expanding rural creation by utilizing current machines and strategies.

The program has been impressively altered with the progression of time. The dry territories and the bumpy zones have now been secured under the new farming technique.

The fundamental elements of the new methodology are high-yielding variety seeds, chemical composts, pesticides, insecticides, assured water system offices, better social practices, etc.

Crop areas under this project needed more water, more fertilizers, more pesticides, and certain other chemicals. This increased the growth of the local manufacturing sector. All of this resulted in industrial growth, created jobs, and improved the quality of life of the people in villages.

The negative social effect of the revolution was also soon visible. The worst part is that the poor farmers found themselves handicapped by small farms of land and inadequate water supply. Also because of excessive use of fertilizers, soil started to become alkaline or acidic depending upon the nature of the fertilizer used.

The green revolution has pulled countless needy individuals out of destitution. This revolution has spared over a billion people everywhere in the world from starvation.
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