Letter to friend consoling on illness

Suppose, you are Zahid of 46 Zinda Bazar, Sylhet. Your friend Tanim is admitted to Cumilla Medical College Hospital.

Now, write a letter to Tanim consoling him on his illness.

46 Zinda Bazar, Sylhet
10 March 2020

My dear Tanim,
I am extremely shocked to come to learn that you have been hospitalized, being attacked with dengue fever. The disease, though silent by nature, is gradually spreading across the country. I know, you are so much careful of your health. We often cannot avoid our surrounding environment. Same is the case with you.

Anyway, since you have been admitted to a renowned hospital and you are now under the care of the experienced doctors, I think, you have no reason to worry. Just follow the doctors’ advice and behave accordingly. Have a complete rest and I hope, you will come round soon. You may lose taste of having food, but you must have patience, apply your conscience and have foods as per your requirement. Sorry, I am not in a position to visit you physically because of my final model test to be held next week. We all pray to the Almighty, so that you can come round soon and start your studies.

With thanks and best wishes.

Yours ever,


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