Letter to friend describing about preparation for coming exam

Think you are Salman/Sakib living at 13, Hajibag, Rangpur and you have a friend named Akash/Raihan living at 37 Court Street, Chattogram.

Now, write a letter to your friend describing about your preparation for the coming SSC Examination.

13 Hajibag, Rangpur
March 2020

Dear Akash
Hope and believe this finds you hale and hearty. I had your last letter a few months ago. Since then I have been waiting anxiously for a letter from you. Now, I am writing to you about my coming SSC exam.

My test examination is over and the result has been out. I have done well. Now, I am trying to get a good preparation for the SSC. Examination to be held in the month of February. I have the subjects like Bangla, English, Social Science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. I have divided my time and work so that I can make a balanced progress. I’ve gone through all the chapters of my textbooks so that I can answer any questions. I have already got an idea from test papers about the nature of questions in all the subjects. I am working hard on that line.

I have a firm confidence that if I can continue my studies as per my routine, I shall be in a position to fare better in the coming SSC Examination. If you have any suggestion in this respect, it will be a plus point for me. Please pray for me so that I can continue my studies keeping myself free from any physical problems.

Please convey my best regards to parents and best wishes to Rana and Sohel.

Yours affectionately,
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