Letter to friend describing picnic you recently been to

Suppose, you are Arif/Arifa. You had recently been to a picnic with some of your friends at a place of historical importance.

Now write a letter to your friend Salam/Salma who lives in Sylhet describing the picnic.

8 August  2021

Dear Salma,
I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know about the picnic that we made. I am now writing about it. It was winter vacation. Our school was closed. I wish some of my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Sonargaon for the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles off Dhaka. We got on the bus hired before at about 9 am with all necessary utensils and materials. After reaching Sonargaon, we finished our breakfast by 9.30 am. We did not take any cook with us. Our Mathematics teacher, Mr Anwar Hossain has a reputation as an expert in cooking. I helped him with cooking. Some were singing, some were cutting jokes and others were playing different types of games. At about 2 pm the lunch was ready. By this time all of us became very hungry. All of us took our lunch with full appetite. After lunch, we went out for sightseeing. Sonargaon is a place of historical interest. It was once the capital of Bengal. The museum of Sonargaon charmed us most. We started at home at 5 pm after taking our tea. We enjoyed the picnic most.

No more today. With best wishes and love.

Lovingly yours.
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