Dialogue about how to spend spare time

Write a dialogue between Kamal and Sohel on how they will spend their spare time.

Kamal : How are you. Sohel?  

Sohel : Fine. thanks and you? 

Kamal : Fine, thanks. Now our Annual exam is over. What will you do until the results are published? 

Sohel : Well, I think I should not waste my time. So, I have decided to travel around the country.

Kamal : Nice idea. That is how you can see the unseen and know the unknown.

Sohel : Exactly. But what about you?

Kamal : Well. I would like to improve my efficiency in English. So, I am going to enrol myself in Spoken English Course.

Sohel : Thank you. 

Kamal : Thanks.
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