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Dialogue about the coming examination

Suppose, you are Ahmed. Your examination is near at hand. You have met your friend, Rashid and had a talk with him about your coming examination.

Now make a dialogue between you and Rashid about the coming examination.

Ahmed : I wonder Rashid, that you can read so much. 

Rashid : But you must face the Annual Examination that is coming.

Ahmed : Well, I don't care for it. I can't sacrifice my games and my pictures for this cursed examination. 

Rashid : The examination may be cursed. But unless you pass it, you lose one precious year of your life. 

Ahmed : Yes. If there were no examinations at all!

Rashid : But all boys would not agree with you. There are some who hail it rather. It brings them both credit and reward. 

Ahmed : Just tell me what I can do at this stage anyhow to get through the dreadful things. 

Rashid : Well, my advice is waste no more time over games and pictures. Read regularly and find no reason why you should not pass. 

Ahmed : Thank you, Rashid. I'll try to follow your advice. 

Rashid : Welcome Ahmed. Do that.

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