Composition : Value of Education

Value of Education

Education makes people easy to govern but at the same time, it makes them impossible to be enslaved. Education is a weapon for the people by which they can live a high-quality life.

Education forms character strengthens the mind, increases knowledge, and makes us independent. Education is a reform for the human mind. Without education, the training of the human mind is incomplete.

Education makes a person a right thinker and an able decision-maker. Without education, man is like one who is confined to a closed room with no place to exit or enter and completely shut from the outside world. But education lends man into the open world. An uneducated person cannot read and write and hence he is closed to all the knowledge and wisdom he can gain through books and other mediums. Uneducated or less educated have less opportunity to live a life of their choice.

Education acquaints an individual with knowledge of the world around him and beyond, besides teaching the individual to be a better judge of the present.

Each person has a different level of understanding and learning but education sharpens and enhances them.

A person that receives education shall have more avenues for the life of his choice. Moreover, an educated person will be able to make decisions in the best possible manner. This is why there is such a high demand for educated people over uneducated people for the purpose of employment.

Education enables a person to access the open world. A person without education would remain closed to all the knowledge and wisdom an educated person can gain from books and other mediums.

Some people cannot attain education because of their socio-economic problems and some others are devoid of education due to lack of resources, but some others simply avoid taking education due to lack of awareness about the importance of education.

The importance of education is well known, that's why education as a national policy is always given priority. The government is targeting right at the very cause of illiteracy and endeavouring hard to eradicate illiteracy. The government is running various literacy programs. The success rate of these programs is consistent but gradual.

It is also our duty as responsible and aware citizens to help the government, thus our nation to achieve the cherished dream of 100% literacy. We can teach uneducated people around us because even informal education is any day better than no education.

Thus, the importance of education can never be undermined. All over the world people agree that education is the key to a healthy mind and a successful life.

Education is one of the most effective ways to make people better and more productive. It is a tool that can make people easy to lead but at the same time difficult to drive. Education removes naivety and ignorance from the people, leaving them aware, informed, and enlightened.

“Knowledge is power.”
                                      ―Francis Bacon
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