Composition : The Ant

The  Ant

The ant is a kind of insect (পতঙ্গ). Generally, the ant is the smallest of all animals and insects we face every day. We have got something to learn from it. It teaches us to be active and industrious.

Though a small insect, it has got six feet and two stings. It very often stings (হুল ফুটায়) feel pain when it stings. Stings of some of them are very much painful. It has two feelers and two very small eyes on its head. The feelers are shaped like horns (শিং). These are used for examining (পরীক্ষা করার জন্য) things. Ants may be divided into three classes- the males, the females and the neuters. The males and the females have wings. While the neuters have none.

There are three parts in its body-the head, the chest and the belly. In comparison to its body, its head is long.

Ants are found everywhere in our country. They live in houses, forests, roads and streets and everywhere. They live in holes (গর্ত). Some of the ants live on trees.

The ant eats all kinds of food. It likes sweets the most. Its sense of smell is very keen. Wherever any kind of sweet is kept, it will have the smell and it must go there.

Ants are very active and industrious. They are always found busy (ব্যস্ত). They live in swarms (দলে দলে). They seriously work in the summer and can not come out in the winter. In the summer they hoard (জমা করে রাখে) food in their holes against the winter.

Ants eat up the dead bodies of the insects and all rotten things and save us from their trouble. So ants are useful to us.
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